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About LinkOptimizer 

LinkOptimizer is a process automation application for Adobe InDesign that interfaces with Photoshop. This integration allows LinkOptimizer to compress InDesign links, make any required modifications to photos, and convert file types.

Because of LinkOptimizer, users may avoid manually optimizing and altering connections, which can save them a significant amount of time.

With the assistance of this tool, the size of your InDesign assignments, the pace at which they are created, the amount of time needed for processing, and the cost of production are all factors that may be able to be decreased.


Minimize the number of connections while increasing the resolution

LinkOptimizer will automatically export your photographs to Photoshop, resizing them to correspond with the proportions of your page, and then will import those settings into InDesign at 100%.

It will ensure that your InDesign text maintains the required level of quality.

Reduce the size of the links while simultaneously increasing the resolution:

Alter the tone, and there's more:

  • After processing, images will automatically adjust.
  • - perform color conversions using CMYK, RGB, and grayscale - set an ICC profile - Take advantage of sharpening effects
  • The creation of a two-dimensional image by combining and removing layers.

Image format conversion

Convert connected photographs instantly from JPEG to TIFF, PNG to PSD, and other formats, with a wide range of parameter customization options.

Make duplicates of your photographs and rename them.

Using LinkOptimizer, you may produce backups of the original images or copies of them to work with, giving you more flexibility.

You can also edit links for use in settings other than InDesign, such as website design, without making any potential connections between the variables involved.

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