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About Leadfeeder 

Leadfeeder is an up-and-coming company in Helsinki that intends to revolutionize your approach to buyer intent information. We can assist you if you're sick of passing up on promising leads or spending time on prospects that don't pan out.

We are a B2B intention technology system that can tell you which prospects are ready to purchase based on their online behavior and the pages they visit.

Leadfeeder information is being used by thousands of B2B businesses already to uncover dormant leads and convert them into paying clients.

Many millions of dollars are wasted each year by businesses on inefficient promotional campaigns aimed at prospects who still need to be ready to buy.

A superior strategy exists. Through IP address matching technology, Leadfeeder can identify organizations that have visited your website and give you vital B2B intention data that can use to advance your company.


Track Individual Users of a Website

Leadfeeder lets you know which businesses have been checking out your site.

  • Identify mysterious web traffic as actual businesses.
  • Explain the precise actions taken by the companies that have visited your website.
  • Leadfeeder's comprehensive collection of static and dynamic IP addresses makes it easy to track down distant employees.

Identify and Evaluate Hot Leads

You can evaluate and qualify leads using the built-in segmentation features with Leadfeeder's help.

  • Without ISPs, only real enterprises remain.
  • Develop filters based on the lead's demographic and behavioral characteristics to identify qualified prospects.
  • They get an instant rating depending on their online behavior.

Engage the Key Opinion Leaders

Leadfeeder Contacts help you find a visitor's contact.

  • Find key influencers with a comprehensive worldwide database.
  • Sort your contacts by department, seniority, or geographical region.
  • Uncover and save contacts' contact info and LinkedIn pages.

Integrate your CRM

Leadfeeder equips sales with vital data directly on their preferred platforms.

  • Compatible with the industry's leading customer relationship management and marketing management platforms
  • Link your customer relationship management system directly to your visits' information automatically.
  • Use customer relationship management data and website analytics to generate actionable insights.

FAQs for Leadfeeder 

Do cookies have a role in Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder uses tracking cookies and similar technologies to better serve their users.

When do we enter our Leadfeeder coupon code?

If you follow that link, you'll see a box where you can input the code for a discount.

I need the most current Leadfeeder discount code; where can I get it?

If customers buy right now, they may get a price cut.

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