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About Laplink

PCmover has been the only Computer migration program we tested that allows you to choose any document, directory, configuration, and login details that you wish to transfer with you as well as your other machine.

With Laplink's Home and Business/Enterprise editions, you may tailor the product to your unique needs. The Professional edition supports a broad variety of Windows platforms, both old and modern, including migration situations on both ends of the Windows spectrum.

It also has a user-friendly ui that takes you step-by-step through the transfer process. The firm's help team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you may always get help if you need it.

For big businesses, PCmover Enterprise is a relocation tool that aids in the transition from old computers to new ones. PCmover enables customers to completely arrange migrations and to build automatic migration rules tailored to certain roles or divisions.

For system updates, IT managers have the ability to transfer chosen applications, settings, data, and user credentials to new computers.

There is no need for special scripting or XML creation while using PCmover Enterprise to migrate all over several platforms. As a result, PCmover may also be used for distant conversions, like direct ties, policy-based processes, and zero-touch migration patterns.

What is the Process of PCmover?

A connection, a USB wire from Laplink, or even an Ethernet cable from Laplink are all options for moving your Computer and most of your files using PCMover Pro.

If you do have numerous accounts, you may also choose to relocate just a portion of your data using the application.

Features of the Laplink PCMover

A straightforward wizard interface 

Everything you have to do is follow the wizard's easy-to-follow instructions to have your documents transferred.

Moving some computer applications

PCMover Ultimate lets you pick which programs to relocate to the desktop and how to organize them.

Many ways to transmit

You may move data across your gadgets using a variety of methods. Transmission is possible by USB, Ethernet, external storage, cable, or wireless connection.

Execution of all migration steps

With this program, you'll be able to migrate all of your favorite apps and data in one go.

Feature of undoing

Reversing migrations is as easy as clicking "undo" in PCMover Ultimate.

Migration of images using Image Assistant

The Image Assistant migrations technique is supported by PCMover Ultimate for migrating information from a loaded image or old HDD.

SMS (Short Message Service) Alerts

As soon as your PCs have been set up for information transfer, you may activate the Sms Notification function to obtain real-time information on the progress of the transfer.

The PC-Sync feature

When you've done configuring your Computers, you may use PC-Sync to regularly synchronize files or folders.

Autonomous device pairing and connection

Your machine will be able to find and communicate with other computers in the area using this capability.


Visit https://go.laplink.com/ for pricing information.


  • Changing PCs is a lot easier using this method.
  • A convenient function that allows for advanced migration


  • There is no way to duplicate safety programs.
  • Not possible on an earlier version of OS


It's possible that updating to a fresh Desktop and moving your files to it is the best option if your old PC is sluggish and unresponsive.

In terms of moving files across devices, Laplink's PCMover Ultimate and PCMover Professional are the best. In terms of data transmission, these applications are comparable in that they provide an all-in-one solution.

If you're not on a tight budget, PCMover Ultimate is a wiser choice than PCMover Professional.

Advanced players may still benefit from PCMover Professional, but PCMover Ultimate is the better choice if you want to save cash when transferring data across your Computers.

FAQs for Laplink

How much money might you save if you switched to Laplink instead of your current provider?

Customers may save a stunning 65 percent by using our services.

To save money on Laplink, what are your options?

When buying a plan, enter your discount code. You'll be sent straight to the main page.

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