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LambdaTest Oct 2023 Sale
Take advantage of the Summer 2023 Sale at LambdaTest in 2023 to save money.
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About LambdaTest

LambdaTest's goal is to become the de facto cloud test coordination and execution solution for vast numbers of testers and programmers across large corporations, SMEs, small teams, and open-sourced projects.

LambdaTest's continual quality test public cloud provides a solution for any issue, whether it's the poor pace of the testing process, the burden of relying on the old public cloud, or the monotony of constructing a local configuration.

LambdaTest is an online service that facilitates both manual and automated testing of mobile and web apps.

May test Android and iOS native apps and mobile webpages in various settings using the available emulators and simulations or on Real Devices in the cloud.

The LambdaTest system provides clients with safe, scalable, and intelligent test automation across the DevOps (CI/CD) lifecycle.


Automated Software Testing with Selenium

May now execute automated tests written in Selenium on a Selenium Grid consisting of Windows, Mac, and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Using the LambdaTest web Automation Browser Assessment Grid, you can develop, test, and release your software more quickly across several browsers.

Iterative Testing Across Different Desktop and Smartphone Browsers

Numerous versions of Windows and Macintosh OS X, as well as both older and newer web browsers, are all supported. Ensure your web page or app supports the most recent versions of Android and iOS mobile browsers.

Real-World Browser Testing 

You may use the site from various operating systems and browser combinations, including the newest and older versions of Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iPhone. Proper hardware, software, and browsers.

Debugging Tools That Are Native To The Development Environment

Each browser in the LambdaTest cloud, whether Chrome, Safari, or a mobile device, has a native device that plugs installed and is ready to use.

Cloud-Based Browser Testing Using Cypress

Complete your tests on a lightning-fast Cypress test execution cloud. A high-performance, secure, and dependable actual test system that can scale to any size. Perform tests on 40+ unique browsers and browser versions.

Cypress tests

Save time by executing Cypress tests simultaneously. Publish your goods more often with more assurance by decreasing the time it takes to get input from developers.

Compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows containers

The HyperExecute system enables fully-featured hosted runners for use with Linux, macOS, and Windows containers.

The computers have preconfigured support for the most popular coding languages and frameworks, including Java and Ruby.

Autonomous Control of Tests

HyperExecute is a tool for intelligently organizing and distributing tests across different runner settings using a single YAML file.

This innovative test orchestration intelligently reorders trial runs based on historical data, bringing failures to light sooner and decreasing developer response duration.

Online Monitoring System with Detailed Logs of All Actions

Weaving terminal and test run logs together is an ETL headache in traditional test clouds. HyperExecute consolidates terminal records of test commands and full test performance logs into a single automated panel view.

You may see all test execution logs in one convenient location, including terminal records, trial run video, networking log, instructions, errors, and more.

Creating reports mechanically

HyperExecute consolidates all information about test execution into a single location, making it possible for testers and programmers to thoroughly analyze the integrity of their creations on a unified platform using the informative automated reports created when each build is complete.

Rather than collecting information from various sources and constructing complex reporting structures, you may do away with both steps.

The pinnacle of performance

Compared to traditional actual test grids on the cloud, HyperExecute is up to 70% quicker. It has clever features and is highly scalable.

Instead of worrying about how quickly your tests will run, you can focus on creating solid test cases while the platform will take care of the rest.


Monthly plans begin at $15.

FAQs for LambdaTest

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You will need to click the button to use your coupon and input the code into the " Coupon Code box."

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