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About Keeper

Using a password manager allows you to generate unique, secure passwords for your online accounts without memorizing them.

It is essential, however, that your credentials be easily accessible from whatever device you use. Across a wide variety of OSes and internet browsers, Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault provides first-rate user engagement.

Keeper is an encrypted password manager with many layers of protection for your online accounts and data. Individual, family, and corporate packages are all on the table.

Keeper uses end-to-end security to ensure that your credentials and access data remain secure. In other words, not even Keeper staff will have privy to a textual copy of your information.

If there is unauthorized access at Keeper, multivariate regression verification, which involves a fingerprint login or a particular measure, may keep you secure.

Whether or not this service is perfect for you, you can test out all of its features with a trial version and a complimentary subscription.

Key Features

KeeperFill is a password manager that can autofill your info

KeeperFill will create secure password hashes and automatically use them across your online platforms.

Financial & Identification Details

Scan your credit cards and keep them on file to use them easily across all your online and mobile shopping platforms.

Safely Disclose Details

Make and maintain records with your colleagues, family, and coworkers without worrying about security.

Safe Place for Documents

Use an encrypted form safe to store your private data, such as files, documents, images, and movies.

A Chronology of Previous Version

Your data is versioned, so you can always return to an earlier version if necessary.

In Case of an Emergency

With Keeper, you may add up to five people you trust to have access to your vault in the case of a contingency or demise.

Unique Data Fields

Using text boxes, Keeper makes it easy to store and protect sensitive data in one central location, such as a passport number or driver's license.

A Two-Step Verification Process

TOTP, SMS, Fingerprint (like Touch ID), Face ID, and WebAuthn encryption keys are all supported by Keeper.

Safe Extensions

Excellent add-ons may significantly improve your online safety and privacy.

Secure Yourself From the Shadow Internet

BreachWatch keeps an eye on the deep web for compromised accounts and then notifies you, allowing you to take preventative measures against hackers.

Safe, Straightforward Method for Sharing and Storing Data

If confidential information falls into the hands, it might destroy a company's credibility. Keeper is a cloud-based privacy vault that allows you to save safely, control, and exchange your digital content.

Secure, Confidential Chatting

KeeperChat improves your network security by encrypting all your communications across all your devices, making it impossible for hackers or snoops to read your private messages.


  • Includes legacy/emergency access
  • Information Sharing for Paid Members
  • Third-party audits gain increased confidence.


  • The single-device restriction applies solely to the freemium model.
  • Add-ons for tracking and storing data on the dark web may become expensive.
  • Comparatively pricy individual plan when stacked up against the market average.


Pricing for Keeper Unlimited is $24.49, while a Keeper Family membership will set you back $52.49.


Keeper provides a safe and convenient method for managing passwords for many online services. It's more expensive than some of the most widely used password managers.

Still, it might be well worth it for people and enterprises that desire absolute protection against hackers and other security problems.

Those extras turn it becomes a solid option for anything from storing files to exchanging logins to delivering encrypted messages and data over the internet.

FAQs for Keeper

Price of a keeper after applying coupon?

There is room for a 50% cut in expenses.

Can you tell me how to redeem my Keeper discount code?

Choose "Coupon Code" from the drop-down menu to redeem a discount.

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