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Jotform is an electronic form service that allows users in various jobs and sectors to develop unique online forms and gather data without writing a single line of code.

A B2B SaaS efficiency application with over 10 million users globally helps individuals, teams, and businesses automate data collecting and expedite operations. Jotform is the first and only full-featured online forms solution that is entirely mobile-friendly. 

Jotform offers a wide range of customization options and robust functionality, with over 100 connections and 400 widgets.

Users of Jotform span from tiny enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations, and they work in a variety of fields, including technology, law, healthcare, education, NGOs, and others.

Jotform'sJotform's form builder, recognized by over ten million people, is the simple way of creating and publishing forms online from any device.

It'sIt's often used to make payment forms, lead generating forms, registration information, contact lists, application forms, and other forms.

A practical tool to design customized web forms & gather data in one location

It'sIt's incredibly easy and does not need the expertise of programming code. It may be successfully utilized even without any technical skills, and there there's a vast choice of themes and layouts to pick from based upon company necessity and desire.

JotForms meet unique company demands, and they're easy to design.

Eye-catchy UI

The UI is excellent for both the users and the integration. Setting it up was straightforward, and connecting it with ActiveCampaign using the API wasn't tricky.

Jotform'sJotform's User Interface

Jotform'sJotform's website isn't very well-organized, but don't let that detract from how simple this program is to use. You can access a simple dashboard to manage current forms or create new ones.

When developing the concept, you can select all of your questions on one page or one topic per slide. Before the forms editor is opened, you are given the option of choosing a style or template.

The form editor is a user-friendly drag-and-drop designer. The accessible components cover all of the fundamentals, such as simple answers and multi-choice replies, and their content is easily editable according to the information you want.

Business Case & Deploy Scale

Jotform has been important for my small company. The site is incredibly user-friendly and readily able to generate a form and personalize practically every feature. They provide several options to submit your form. Users may integrate it into my download page as a prefilled PDF. The most excellent part is that all entries are immediately accessible and exceptionally well structured.

The Key Benefits of Using JotForm

Themes and Templates

Jotform isn't the only form generator that provides survey forms, but the number of alternatives available is astonishing. There are almost 10,000 free templates available.

The template collection is searchable and arranged by topic, but there is no mechanism to save surveys that you've already used.

Jotform themes are distinct from templates, which might be perplexing. Templates are more concerned with modifying the appearance of your form than with its content. Themes, for example, may include colorful backgrounds or non-standard designs.

App creator with drag-and-drop functionality

Anyone can develop remarkable applications in seconds with Jotform'sJotform's simple online app builder. Begin immediately using one of our 300plus application templates, or create a new application from scratch with really no coding. To truly make your app stand out, add additional form components and widgets.

Designer of adaptable apps

Whether you start with a theme or scratch, every app you create is simple to personalize in seconds. Drag and drop items to build the ideal design for your requirements, or change the program to fit your identity better.

Conditional Logic

This one is crucial, but we feel a required function should be offered in every form generator, even the basic version. Conditional logic enables you to build unique conditions that modify the design of your form depending on the responses supplied.

For example, when building a lead-generating form, you may keep putting up conditional logic if the remainder of the form changes depending on the business size of the individual completing the form. If they identify because they're an SMB, you must only display pertinent queries.

Effective online forms

With strong online forms, you can make your product stand out. Our Form Builder includes a wide range of complex form components, 150+ app connectors, & 350+ widgets for inspections, movies, social network links, e-signature sections, and more.

Apps created from a single template

You may construct a simple no-code app using a single form, whether for registrations, apps, or front desk sign-ins. Share your application with clients, make it private, or restrict it to internal usage inside your company.

Payments are accepted on any device.

Connect your app to over 30 payment gateways, like PayPal, Square, and Stripe, to accept payments for sales, registration fees, contributions, and other services. Add a payment interface to your app to get bank card transactions, ACH payouts, and other alternate payment methods.

Jotform Tables for data management

By combining your forms into a single app, you may save time while distributing them. All form responses will be safely kept in Jotform Sheets, which anyone can use to handle information as a sheet, a calendar, or easily readable cards.

Customized URLs

Create an app that is memorable and simple to distribute. You may design custom URLs that incorporate your business and app name with only a few clicks. You can build unique URLs for particular forms inside your app to make linking even simpler.

Apps for both mobile and desktop

Users on desktop computers and mobile computers may add your app straight to their main screen or desktops and use it as if it were a native app with the click of a button. They may also use any browser to view your app without installing it on a device.

Options for saving and continuing later

Increase the number of submissions and encourage users to fill out the forms on your apps. Allow users to store drafts and return them to your form later.

More than 70 app widgets

Jotform Apps provides over 70 application widgets that you can utilize to enhance your app. Drag and drop your checklist, videos, maps, social network connections, QR codes, and other items into your project.

Form creator for mobile devices

No difference where you have been; you can create and update forms. From the comfort of your tablet or phone, use our smartphone Form Builder.

Pricing for Jotform'sJotform's

Each month, 100 free-form submissions are made. If you want more contributions, the pricing begins at $29 per month, reducing annual purchases: bronze - $29 per month Silver - $39 per month Gold - $99 per month. You may even increase the limitation to 200 without having to pay.

Currently, there is no JotForm lifetime plan.

You can use the JotForm promo code for an extra discount. Also, check the Jotform education discount for students & institutions.

Likes and Dislikes about Jotforms


  • PayPal and Square are integrated into the drag-and-drop form designer.
  • Changes Synced on the Go
  • Online/Offline Collaboration
  • Editable, ready-to-use Templates and Themes
  • Usability
  • Submissions Storage and Organization Automated


  • There will be no response-based customization.
  • The support center is perplexing.
  • It's challenging to locate the perfect template.
  • Emails were rejected.
  • Delays caused by the sender

Final Words

JotForm is a versatile online form creator with many features packed behind it. We've attempted to delve in as deeply as possible and evaluate the product. And even after numerous hours, it seems like we've scraped the surface. If you need a platform to gather any data format, JotForm is an excellent alternative.

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FAQs for JotForm

⭐️ Is there any online promotions for JotForm plans?

Yes, you can save up to 50% on all top-selling editions.

⭐️ What is the best saving deal available for JotForm plans?

There are three plans from JotForm. Most of them are offering a 50% discount.

⭐️ How to apply the JotForm discount code?

Click on the plan you are looking to purchase on this website, copy the coupon code and apply at the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active coupons are available?

There are 4+ active deals we are running.

⭐️ What are the Jotform payment plans?

You have an option to select between Monthly & Yearly subscription.

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