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About iTop VPN

VPNs serve a variety of purposes. They conceal all of your online browsing and web access. Using a virtual private network (VPN) protects you from surveillance programs, marketers, and attackers by obscuring your internet activities.

Internet anonymity and security are the primary benefits of using a virtual private network (VPN). Virtual private networks (VPNs) may also be used to access region-locked material on websites like HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

By concealing the Internet address, VPN services lessen the danger of hacking. The secure Tunneling protocol ensures that customers may conduct their online activities safely and securely.

Whenever you utilize a Virtual private network, anybody trying to monitor, track, gather or record your data will be unable to do so, including governments, ISPs, and others. Buying or sending documents online encrypts them.

iTop VPN is well known as a freeware Virtual private network, but it truly offers many features for the price. However, we'll also look at iTop's premium plans and the unique extras they provide for the sake of this review.


Encryption and privacy

In addition to anti-malware security, iTop delivers browsing security and ad-blocking features. These capabilities are available in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

They prevent hazardous URLs and advertisements and remove any browsing records.

The information is safeguarded via HTTPS, UDP, and TCP protocols respectively. The lack of support for IKEv2, PPTP, L2P, and other similar protocols is quite disappointing. To keep your data safe, iTop uses 256-bit encryption called Salsa20.

According to the company's Privacy Statement, they do not track your browser history, data use, or Vpn connection duration.

iTop doesn't retain your original Internet address or the server's IP address. The lack of an external examination undermines their privacy policy claims.

Kill Switch

The "kill switch" will immediately put an end to any and all communication in the event that the connection to the virtual private network is lost.

If you remain to use the internet without turning off your computer, trackers like ISPs will have access to your personal data. A circuit switch will stop this.

Electrical barriers safeguard your data by preventing the loss of any private details or your IP location.

Availability of Servers Across the Globe

Anywhere at any moment of day or night, clients of iTop VPN may connect to any of their locations located across the globe, including many well-known places.

You'll be able to access material normally restricted to certain locations, and your internet connection will be speedier. It's possible that you'll be able to view shows on Netflix US and additional channels that aren't accessible in your region.

Connect 5 devices simultaneously

For the most part, we're constantly multitasking across many screens and applications. VPN licenses for each machine might be costly, which is a hindrance to the process.

Five devices may utilize one iTop VPN subscription. On iOS, Android, and Windows. Once you've linked to the VPN, you may start using it.

Price of iTop VPN

In comparison to other services, iTop VPN's monthly membership is $11.99, which is a reasonable price point. The price drops reduced to $3.99 per month when bought on a yearly basis.


  • Incredibly generous free package
  • Additional security measures are available.
  • Plan for two years at a low cost


  • It was unable to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service.
  • In rare cases, the kill switch may not work.
  • Uses undocumented, nonstandard techniques
  • The site's login form was accessible over HTTP

Final Words

Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to browse and shop securely in any country while also being very fast and secure. The quickness, simplicity, geo-unblocking capabilities, and low cost of iTop VPN pleased us.

Inside the freemium model, there's no live conversation, no security procedures, and a tonne of advertisements.

FAQs for iTop VPN

How much money could you save by utilizing a discount code for iTop VPN?

Customers may save up to 95% on their purchases.

Are there any iTop VPN discount codes?

Using the discount code the first time you make a purchase might save you money, as well. The browser's address bar will display a list of permitted websites.

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