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About iTaskX 

For almost 15 years, iTaskX has been a top choice for Mac users seeking a robust and reliable project management solution. iTaskX professional features and tools are all thoughtfully crafted with a focus on ease of use.

Its extensive functionality makes it the go-to solution for project leaders, architects, builders, advertising, IT, industry experts, and writers.

Create building timetables, promotional and marketing plans, product launches, R&D initiatives, and more fast using iTaskX. Plus, collaborate easily with other Microsoft Project users.

iTaskX is the industry standard for project management in numerous fields, including A&C, media, entertainment, training, R&D, and software engineering, to name a few.


Easily communicate upcoming project deadlines

In iTaskX 5.2, you'll get one of the most cutting-edge and thorough export APIs to the macOS Calendar. This new interface exports iTaskX task data to the macOS calendar and notifies all project participants.

It allows each user of the group to get either only their bookings or, if they so choose, all bookings for the group directly to their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or web browser.

Methods for Managing Agile Projects

Visual task boards may organize creative processes. For your project, choose the best approach among agile, traditional, and hybrid approaches.

Revised styles and layouts

The one-stop shop for formatting options. You can easily arrange your calendar, resources, and projects with a few clicks.

The new formatting choices and patterns help you save time and work more efficiently.

After upgrading to iTaskX version 4.5, you may customize the look of links to suit your preferences.

Scheduled by hand

iTaskX's main selling point has always been its capacity to automatically recalculate timetables if the program's beginning date is moved or if a change to the beginning date of a single task has a knock-on effect on the beginning dates of other related jobs.

This robust behavior prevents you from constantly having to recalculate and re-enter times for postponed jobs.

The advantages of robotics are not without their drawbacks, especially in the case of managing projects; automated scheduling might result in unintended schedule modifications due to software behavior rather than human understanding.

FAQs for iTaskX 

What options do you have right now?

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How do I put my iTaskX coupon code to use?

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