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About Issuu

Issuu enables anybody to publish and share their work with an international audience, recognizing that high-quality content is at the heart of successful companies.

Embedding flipbooks, mobile-optimized editorials, socioeconomic stories, and GIFs are some of the vibrant assets that can create from a single document through content transition and online media, which can do in minutes. It makes it much simpler to scale material advertising and marketing attempts.

Because of its large user base, sophisticated analytics, and ability to provide commission-free online downloads, Issuu is the preferred platform for publishing for over a million individuals in various fields.

They provide the optimal viewing experience for their readers across all devices and operating systems.


Incorporate a PDF into your site with no effort

With the Embed tool, you can easily add PDFs to your website, making them seem like they were always there.

One needs no technological know-how in any respect. Integrate your Issuu publishing into your site's front page, internal pages, or wherever else you see fit.

Update publishing strategies on the go using data

Drive reader participation, memberships, and advertising with data-driven choices. The effectiveness of material determines by analytics.

Issuu provides analytics to show how well and how many people engage with your material.

Develop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to publish on any platform.

With the help of the Visual Stories tool, you can quickly transform your Issuu flipbook into engaging and shareable material.

Make social media come alive with motion-graphic tales made just for the story styles of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Not knowing how to code is not a prerequisite.

By optimizing content for search engines and intelligent devices, including Google AMP, you can spread your message to more people using Issuu.

We handle everything, so you won't need to spend money on a separate IT support staff or developer.

The number of views for an online article increases when creativity is included

Members of the social media community face a deluge of posts. You need to grab people's attention and halt them in scrolling to get comments and shares.

It is best accomplished via eye-catching pictures since social networking is primarily a visual medium.

FAQs for Issuu

How much Issuu typically costs, and are there any promotions going on right now?

Prices begin at $28 per month. It's up to 32% save on the annual plan.

Exactly where do I enter my Issuu discount code to get my discount?

Use the discount code when checking out to get your discount.

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