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About IRIS

Unique innovations like OCR and PDF reduction fuel IRIS services and solutions, integrating cutting-edge strategies like state-of-the-art scanning with AI-based document categorization, data retrieval, and file integrity checks to streamline and protect business operations.

IRIS aids you in the following ways with its extensive lineup of portable scanners, software development kits (SDK), pc and client-server software, and cloud computing:

  • Cut down on mistakes, processing time, and operational costs
  • Enhance Efficiency and Openness
  • Boost the capacity to track and account for changes
  • Mix your time between your workplace, home computer, and mobile device.
  • Pay attention to what you do well.

Solutions that Iris provides

PDF to Word

Microsoft Word is used by over a billion individuals every day all over the world to do mission-critical work. Excel is the crown jewel of Office 365 and is relied on by everyone from multinational organizations to potential learners and end-users.

Readiris PDF facilitates extracting valuable data from receiving Pdf files and converting them to the more usable MS Word format.

Regardless of your business's needs, Readiris PDF makes it easy to convert PDF to Word so that you can make changes, preserve, and share crucial documents with your team.

Transformation of Portable Document Format to Microsoft Excel(PDF to Excel)

One of the essential tools in Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft Excel, which is used by financial data-reliant enterprises, government institutions, and others with heavy reliance on economic data.

It's robust software whose strength comes from its valuable features.

Integrating Readiris PDF into Excel only increases the spreadsheet program's usefulness. Readiris lets you extract statistics, analytics, and data from incoming PDFs and export them to Excel.

PDF to Powerpoint

PowerPoint completes Office 365's standard software. Companies all around the globe use it since it is a valuable tool for training and spreading knowledge.

Readiris's PDF converting feature makes it simple to extract relevant data from a PowerPoint presentation and save it in a manner you and your colleagues can modify.

Readiris PDF improves upon Office 365's native document-sharing features.

Converting PDF Files into Compressed PDF Format

PDF is the best professional format. The PDF format's efficiency comes from the fact that it is both easily transportable and legible. Readiris PDF lets you customize PDFs for your company.

To ensure that all your workers and suppliers are on the same path, no matter the objective, Readiris PDF helps you condense crucial PDF files into a leaner, more mobile version.

PDF to Indexed PDF

In addition to PDF compression, Readiris PDF has a built-in PDF indexer. An indexed PDF file may arrange incoming PDFs into logical categories, making it simpler to discover important information.

Readiris PDF gives you complete command over the data coming into your business, allowing you to streamline operations and respond quickly to a volatile marketplace.

Converting Your PDFs with Readiris PDF

Your company's development depends on open communication. The requirements of business often shift. Readiris PDF offers you complete command, flexibility, and power over your most important business files, whether you want to convert them to Word format or reduce their file size. Try it out to see how easy it is to manage company documents.

Readiris 17

You can merge, divide, password protect, and digitally sign PDFs using Readiris 17 for Windows. It's a global solution for digitizing and editing paper documents in various formats.

IRISmart File

IRISmart File is a time-saving, easy-to-use tool that can make even the most tedious management operations a breeze, making it perfect for solo entrepreneurs, small firms, and medium-sized enterprises.

This intelligent program is a great help to anybody who has to sort through and organize many documents, whether paper or digital.

Your agreements, tenders, health certificates, meetings, legal reports, and plans are organized semi-automatically, making them simple to share and retrieve.


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What does the IRIS coupon cost?

It is possible to reduce expenses by at least 10%.

To redeem my IRIS discount code, what do I need to do?

You may enter your discount code in the "Coupon Code" field after you click the button.

When shopping online, what type of discounts can you often anticipate?

Price reductions are an option for almost all programs.

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