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65% Off IPVanish Discount for Existing Customers

$3.75/ Month $10.99/ Month
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About IPVanish

Personal information security is becoming more and more of a consideration when accessing the Internet these days.

IPVanish is a popular VPN service located in the United States that offers a broad range of capabilities, including a few that you won't find elsewhere.

Despite only having 1,600 servers, IPVanish quickly becomes a renowned virtual private network for consumers looking to improve their internet surfing privacy. 

It offers unlimited continuous connections across a range of devices and comparable speeds.

Perks of IPVanish

IPVanish runs with various devices through Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, and 3G connections and is supported with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, and other routers. 

You can also have an infinite number of simultaneous connections, which is impressive. 

It means I can watch sports on my tablet while simultaneously streaming movies on my computer, using WhatsApp on my phone, and so much more.

Server Locations and IPVanish VPN's Servers

IPVanish has a lot of geographic variety, which is essential. IPVanish has servers in 52 countries, down from 53 the previous year. 

Africa and South America are two regions that VPN providers often overlook. 

IPVanish, on the other hand, does not have servers in places like China, Turkey, or Russia, where internet restrictions are more severe.

Speeds: Extremely quick over long distances.

IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs accessible, with high speeds across long and short-distance servers.

No DNS/IP Leaks Found

All of IPVanish's applications have DNS and IP leak prevention, which I found quite effective in my testing.

Robust Security with Limited Customization

One of the primary reasons IPVanish is a secure VPN is its top-notch security features.

Switch to kill

The kill switch mechanism is activated to prevent your IP address from getting leaked. If you lose connection to a VPN provider that does not offer this feature, your IP address will be revealed briefly. 

So, unless your VPN connection is restored, an automated kill switch will stop all of your browsers and disconnect you from the Internet.

IPVanish VPN Protects Your Privacy

The best VPN services collect and disclose as little data as possible. Once you use a VPN, it gets access to the same information that your ISP has about your online activities. 

As a result, it's critical to comprehend the kind of data that each VPN service may gather and how it's used.

The privacy policy of IPVanish VPN begins with strong wording that outlines crucial assurances: It doesn't track or record user behavior, collects as little data as possible, and doesn't sell or rent personal data. A corporate spokesperson said the same.

Notably, the corporation admits that its applications generate local logs but cannot access them. 

That seems to be a decent method to compromise debugging requirements and personal privacy concerns.

What is the price of an IPVanish VPN?

The VPN service from IPVanish costs $10.99 per month.

At $3.75 a month for the annual subscription, it seems to be a reasonable price, but keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer. 

On renewal, it rises to $7.50.

A VPN + Backup subscription with 500GB of SugarSync cloud storage space is also available from IPVanish.

It's also just a smidgeon more costly, at $12 invoiced monthly, or $5.50 per month for the first year of the yearly plan and $9.17 per year after that.

Get the best price deal using IPVanish promo codes. Also, check IPVanish coupon for existing customers.

Is IPVanish compatible with Netflix?

So, here's the bad news: You can't... at least not from the majority of their servers.

Only Netflix's Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York servers are accessible. 

However, contact customer care if you use IPVanish and want to know whether those servers are still up and operating.

Netflix may still be used even if it is not readily available. HBO, Crunchyroll, MLB TV, WWE Network, Gmail, Facebook, Bing, Google, Twitter, Spotify, CBS All Access, and WhatsApp are a few of the streaming services available.

Recent modifications in IPVanish

The most recent news from IPVanish is that the firm has introduced the WireGuard protocol, making it quicker than ever before and putting it among the fastest VPNs available.

Fans of streaming content will be pleased to learn that the service can now unblock BBC iPlayer, which previously struggled with. Unfortunately, it can no longer unblock US Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime. 

While it may be old news by now, IPVanish's adoption of an unlimited connections policy placed it on a level with Surfshark as one of the few premium VPN services that don't restrict the number of devices you may install the software on with a single policy.

This is ideal for people who live in big houses or have a variety of gadgets that need protection.

IPVanish VPN for Windows: A Look Inside

Unlike many rivals, IPVanish does not provide browser plugins. However, an Amazon Fire TV app is supported. 

You may also modify your router to utilize IPVanish VPN or buy pre-configured routers from IPVanish directly. A map view is available, although it is not enabled by default. 

The software does not allow you to customize your network beyond picking a VPN protocol. A Kill Switch prevents access to the Internet until the VPN connection is established.

IPVanish VPN for Mac: A Look Inside

On a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.6.1, you may install IPVanish VPN for macOS from the vendor's website. With green and black accents, the app is light grey. 

The app's dashboard includes a graph that displays your real-time connection speed. 

Choose your server by selecting the desired nation, city, and individual server, then press the Connect icon at the bottom of the dashboard pane.

IPVanish VPN for Android: A Look Inside

The Android app has a considerably cleaner and more current design than the iOS version. It features a black backdrop with accents of green and white. When you connect to a server, you'll see a little graph with green peaks and troughs representing uploads and downloads. 

The region and IP address of the VPN server and the rest of your data are still accessible. You may construct a connection that meets your requirements by selecting from many nations, cities, and ports within those locations, much like the iOS app.

IPVanish VPN for iPhone: In-Depth Review

The IPVanish iOS app's design isn't very appealing. It has two modes: light and dark, which are unattractive. The default light mode is an off-white backdrop with dark lettering and green accents. 

The environment is dark grey, and the text is off-white when you choose the Dark Mode. 

Furthermore, when you click the enormous green connection icon at the bottom of the main screen, a massive dull green graph depicting your data use obscures most of the dashboard.

Strengths and Weaknesses of IPVanish


  • There are no limits on the number of devices that may be connected
  • Windows is trustworthy due to Kill Switch
  • Good for peer-to-peer


  • Unblocking services for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ is not possible.
  • Apps might be a bit difficult to understand.
  • Updates that differ from one another

The Bottom Line

IPVanish is a fast server with some strong expert-level capabilities, and it comes with a sturdy, appealing interface. 

It has some usability flaws and doesn't have the best streaming performance in the class, but it's worth considering for those wanting a little more power beneath the hood.

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FAQs for IPVanish

⭐️ What are the latest saving on IPVanish plans?

You can save up to 73% on a 2-Year plan. We are running a special promotion for this month.

⭐️ How to apply the IPVanish discount code?

Check out your plan, copy the deal code, and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Can I ger a free trial available to test IPVanish?

There is no free trial available currently, you can download it for free and use it with very limited features and servers.

⭐️ Is there any money-back guarantee on annual plans?

Yes, most of the plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee. For more info, please refer to the official website.

⭐️ Is it safe to use IPVanish?

One of the primary reasons IPVanish is a secure VPN is its top-notch security features. Military-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS/IP leak prevention, split tunneling, and complex protocols are just a few available features.

⭐️ What is the IPVanish payment method?

To subscribe to your IPVanish account, you have the choice of using a credit card or PayPal. Under the Invoice Information area, you'll see these two choices. Choose the credit card choice if you'd like to modify your credit card details.

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