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About Impression FX 

Make your demonstrations and movies stand out from the crowd with Impression FX, a PowerPoint plug-in. With just a few seconds of your time and the use of this tool, you are able to construct a dynamic display that is suitable for use in public presentations, corporate conferences, touch-screen presentations, and show booths.

Impression FX makes a presentation from the source article's presentations with customizable performance features, a slide selection menu, and a user-friendly interface.

You may produce a dynamic and unforgettable display from a conventional, boring paper thanks to a unique technique for producing and displaying impacts. No other software can match the effects you get with Impression FX.

Versions Lite and Pro

A free and a paid version of the Impression FX plug-in are both readily accessible. A reduced variant of the program called Impression FX Lite is designed for fast and easy results. Simply open your old PowerPoint document and choose a design from the plugin's library; the plugins will handle the remainder for you.

One of the most useful and versatile plugins for generating eye-catching slideshows, Impression FX PRO is available in both free and paid versions.

The user will benefit from the inclusion of several special effects packages that are only available in the PRO edition. Your PowerPoint slideshows' transition elements may include pictures, inscriptions, and trademarks that you create.


Presentations created utilizing Impression FX software

Public addressing, customer support, exhibits, research, and business events may all benefit from displays generated using Impression FX. The settings for touchscreen devices, tables, displays, and projections are all included in every show you make.

Libraries of effects for creating an impression

For utilizing Impression FX, you need PowerPoint presentations and transitional components. All effects are pre-made, but you have the option of customizing them with photographs, inscriptions, and brands to match your presentation's style and substance.

The effects are organized into the subject library that may be added at any moment from the software.

With Impression FX, you can create engaging displays.

You don't need to install PowerPoint, Impression FX, or any other program to display a presentation made using Impression FX on any Windows machine. The keyboard, mouse, touchpad, or wireless PowerPoint projector controls the display.

Even with a large number of pages, the presentation's length seldom surpasses 100 MB since all features are generated in real-time and include no video segments.

In only a few minutes, you may see a whole video.

Impression FX allows you to turn any lecture into a movie with a single click. No matter how old or sluggish your machine is, you can still produce an HD movie with our real-time rendering technology.

IFX Player

It is possible to see and listen to slideshows created with the Impressions Fx plug-in with IFX Player. Impression FX generates a one-of-a-kind directory that stores multiple copies of both the application file and the IFX Player.

It is not necessary to do a separate download or installation of either of these components in order to make use of them. Launch the IFXplayer.exe file, and the presentations stored in the very same directory will start playing immediately.

Just transfer the presentation file directory (.ipp) as well as the player (IFXplayer.exe) to any Windows Operating system digital device, then open the player to see the session. There is no need to make use of Impression FX or any other third-party software.


Before purchasing a license, you may use Impression FX for personal, non-commercial use. Using it for business reasons requires a license.


The technologies that are used in the Impression FX program were developed in-house over the course of many decades of laborious work.

It gives us great pleasure to finally be in a position to make them accessible to the widest potential audience.

FAQs for Impression FX

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If you use a discount code, you may be able to save money on your first purchase. The address bar of your browser will display a list of links to permitted websites.

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