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About iMonitor Software

Monitoring employee information is a problem that can be solved with the help of a software called iMonitor EAM Professional, which is a solution that can be used by organizations of various sizes.

This technology makes it possible for executives and executives to utilize it by making action tracking, behavior analysis, and productivity tools all available from a single platform. This makes it possible for executives to use it.

iMonitor EAM Professional is a tool that may assist companies in ensuring that their staff continues to be productive despite the presence of certain interruptions. Both cloud and on-premise deployment options are available for this product.

The surveillance tools included in iMonitor EAM Professional provide visibility to employee inputs, stored files, email, online activity, idling, device pictures, and much more.

This system also analyses chat interactions taking place inside applications for social networks, including Facebook Messenger. In contrast to that, this technology may assist in the prevention of inside risks, such as data theft.

The iMonitor EAM warning system has the capability to inform leadership or the necessary internal groups about possible security violations as well as unauthorized data usage or accessibility.


Comprehensive Software for Supervising and Tracking Worker Pc Use

In contrast to other companies that would provide services for monitoring employees, our primary emphasis is on designing products that combine many functions into a single package.

You just need to acquire one bit of code, and then maybe you could utilize it with its whole set of features. This will save you a significant amount of revenue that you would have spent on other goods to fulfill additional needs, and it will make it easier for you to put those features to use.

Centralized, multifunctional solution

When compared to other tracking software, iMonitor EAM is among the most feature-rich.

It would provide numerous solution that meets any necessity that consumers may have, such as the identification and reaction to insider threats, data protection encryption, worker activity tracking, employee inquests, and smart workforce management.

Treatment of operating systems and networking architectures

The iMonitor EAM software is compatible with all of the most prevalent computer operating systems, such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as virtual desktop architectures and networking topologies.

This includes the ability to monitor and manage several networks simultaneously.

You didn't have to influence the overall regarding network segment or multi-subnet concerns when you use iMonitor EAM because we endorse any hybrid enterprise systems.

Large-scale Implementation Friendly

When compared to cloud-based solution providers, iMonitor EAM has just about no delays in data transmission, and it is much more steady in common terms due to the fact that it is structured. Based on a server-side.

When combined with the ability to remote location assemble setup process, this makes it the perfect remedy for large-scale businesses.

24 Hour, Seven Days a Week, Expert Technological Service

iMonitor EAM provides a complete tech support squad that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have difficulty utilizing the application or are unsure how to use it, our technical professionals will provide remote assistance.


Visit this link for more information on pricing: https://www.imonitorsoft.com/purchase-imonitor-eam.html


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  • It is a Trojan horse.
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Final Verdict

The major disadvantage of this program is that it is only compatible with personal PCs and Macs; as a consequence, it is unable to deal with Chromebooks or mobile devices.

This software is spyware that was developed for use in commercial settings. In addition to this, contemporary software would have more polish and elegance than this.

FAQs for iMonitor 

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Users may save up to 10% on their purchases.

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You may be able to save money on your first purchase if you use a coupon code. A list of links to allowed websites will appear in your browser's address bar.

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