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About iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a tracking application for both iPhones and Android devices. You may use it to keep tabs on your children's activities on their smartphones and tablets by monitoring their environment and allowing you to restrict applications and video games as well as limiting their screen time.

It is a popular parental control software for iPhone/iPad/Android. iKeymonitor is a high-tech spying application. Protecting children from internet dangers is a primary focus of this software.

Any Android or Apple smartphone with the software loaded will automatically go into stealth status.

As a result of this, the application cannot be discovered or removed from the phone by its user. This is a simple activity that you may accomplish in a matter of a few minutes on your end.

The app doesn't need to be customized after it's been loaded on a targeted system. For as long as you require it, you may delete Ikeymonitor directly from the target machine.

How does iKeyMonitor really work?

Installing iKeyMonitor, a simple parental control program takes just a few moments. Download iKeyMonitor on the target device and you're ready to go. An Android smartphone does not need to be rooted in order to use this app.

Features of iKeyMonitor


Parents and spouses use surveillance apps to learn more about the people their children are interacting with on social media.

When guardians learn that their child is communicating with a person who intends to hurt them, it may be a lifeline.

GPS Tracking with iKeyMonitor

If the youngster hasn't come home after an extra 15 minutes, then you're on the verge of tears.

It's impossible to have a good time when you've added an hour to the schedule. Now it's 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours since We started. Are you experiencing shivers down your spine just thinking about it?

In reality, this may occur to any of us, not just in tv shows and movies.

When you don't know where they are and can't get a hold of their phone, the scenario becomes much direr.

It's possible to avoid feeling guilty about not being a better parent by being mentally ready for the worst-case scenario.


You can't dispute the difficulty of raising children. How can you trust them to act decently outside of the residence if they are such a bother inside?

You've informed your youngster on many occasions that driving on public roads or venturing far from home is dangerous.

It's just another day in their lives for them to ignore what you have to say.

Furthermore, it's very hard to tell whether they entered the secure area or not without a tracking program.

There's no use in exaggerating to the children when you have iKeyMonitor to prop you up. The software will show you exactly where they went.


Since you have opted to monitor the child's every move, there is no need to save the information that they duplicate off their mobile phone.

The clipboard function will allow you to see all of the data that the child transcribes from one area to another.

Knowing whether or if your youngster is hooked on gambling, or otherwise engaging in questionable behavior is a valuable tool.


Users can keep records of all the photographs saved on the target device using iKeyMonitor's picture and camera capabilities. They can be taken, kept, and distributed with others.


You may choose from two subscription options with iKeyMonitor. The first is the Free plan, which is self-explanatory. The free plan, on the other hand, has a limited set of features relative to the subscription plan.

The second option, which we refer to as the Paid plan, costs $29.99 a month. You'll be able to use the software to its fullest extent.


  • Without rooting, you can use the most advanced features.
  • The ability for screenshotting and take photographs works well.
  • Monitoring the target gadget to its final destination in full
  • Fast synchronization of data from the destination node


  • The battery may deplete more quickly.
  • There is no app-blocking option.
  • Rooted phones are the only ones that can access internet history.

Final Words

We might conclude that some of the functions of iKeyMonitor have disappointed us. However, when seen as a whole, it performs a satisfactory level of performance and produces excellent spyware as part of a free package.

Snapshot, Clipboard, and Keylogger are some of the tools available. It's just a summary, in actuality, almost all of the functionalities works incredibly.

FAQs for iKeyMonitor 

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Savings of up to 15% are possible for users.

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If you use a discount code, you may be able to save money on your first purchase. You will see a list of links to the permitted websites in your web browser.

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