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About Iceni Technology

Each business does have its own unique set of hardware and software requirements. For this reason, the software creation solutions offered by Iceni Technology Limited are just so diverse.

They will analyze your needs, choose an architecture, generate a layout, build a program, conduct a testing process, and take any additional steps necessary. It's feasible to turn your concept into usable, dependable, agile, and simple-to-maintain bespoke software.

When it comes to editing PDF files, you don't need Adobe's specialized tools if you're not a skilled creator since Infix lets you perform all of these things without the need for any of those products.


PDF Editor by Infix

Anybody can modify PDF documents using Infix, which includes sophisticated functionality such as spell-checking and finding and replacing. When Infix released in 1996, it was the first PDF editor to feel like Microsoft Word.

New features make PDF manipulation simpler and faster than ever before.

Features of Infix PDF Editor

Word Processing for Portable Document Format (PDF)

Using Infix is as simple as using a conventional word processor. Changing text, fonts, graphics, and more is a cinch.

Ribbons and other UI frills are out!

In-depth PDF editing.

Modify the written text in any way you see fit. Text is reflowed and reformatted by Infix to maintain its aesthetic appeal. When one file has been stored, it is impossible to detect whether it has been modified.

Features that reduce the time it takes

Translations, Bates identification, OCR Forms generation, PDF comparison, Headers & Footers, etc. are all included in this package. Infix tools may fix PDF problems.


TransPDF minimizes the bother of translating PDFs by converting them to XLIFF files.

It allows you to submit a PDF and then translate the resulting XLIFF using your own set of tools, like memoQ, Memsource, and DejaVu. You may acquire a fully-formatted, interpreted PDF by uploading a translated XLIFF file to the service.

Post a copy of your PDF

TransPDF converts to XLIFF. OCR modifies scanned PDFs.

Translate the XLIFF

SDL Trados Studio, memoQ, Memsource, and DejaVu are all excellent options for using your current tools.

Upload the XLIFF file of your translation.

Your converted material will be used by TransPDF to re-create the source PDF. Using the free trial version of Infix 7 may be used to clean up translated PDFs.

Infix Server

The unparalleled automation capabilities of Infix Server make it possible to do everything from overlaying a webpage to completely changing its content.

It is possible to seamlessly incorporate new material into older PDF documents by modifying the visuals, reflowing the text, and adjusting the alignment as necessary. This is the product's distinctive benefit."

An XML document controls the entry and modification of pictures and PDFs.


High-Volume Design

Infix Server was built as server software.As a result, it provides great performance and control, as well as is accessible on all major hardware systems.

  • PHP as well as other programming languages provide for simple incorporation into web-based applications.
  • Use of the C/C++ Standard Development Kit in conjunction with a command-line program
  • Linux, Mac, and Windows compatible.

Use PDF files from any source

It is possible to rapidly develop themes for Infix Server from any PDF source, including Quark, InDesign, and others.

  • Using templates doesn't need any coding or computer knowledge.
  • Not needing Adobe/QMX
  • Every design program may create a simple PDF file known as a template.

PDFs of the Highest Resolution for Printing

For the quality of the PDF it generates, Infix Server retains the color spaces, typefaces, and visual properties.

  • PDFs with non-layered visuals
  • Fully compatible with the most recent PDF version.
  • H&J and rule-based textual adaptation for professionals
  • Maintains consistent color schemes and typefaces for the company.


Its official website,, provides price guidelines for all of its products.

FAQs for Iceni Technology

How much money might you save by using Iceni Technology?

Users can save up to 35%.

Can Iceni Technology coupons be used in order to save money?

Using a coupon code might help you save money on your first purchase. Links to the permitted website are instantly shown in your web browser in a list format.

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