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About Hotspot Shield VPN

Secure all your online communications by linking to any of our 3,200+ Virtual private network servers spread over 80+ countries and 35+ individual locations worldwide.

This guarantees your personal information and online activities remain safe while you surf the internet. According to Ookla's Speedtest, Hotspot Shield is the "Best VPN" worldwide.

Hotspot Shield VPN is an excellent service with several advantages for frequent users. It works to bypass geo-restrictions on services like Netflix and other video-streaming sites, and it also allows users to download torrents.

The Virtual network provides a free edition that works on several platforms and gadgets.

Due to its location in the United States, a member of the monitoring coalition, Hotspot Shield VPN isn't the most excellent option for privacy-conscious customers due to its absence of confidentiality and safety visibility.


Remove filters from the Web

Use Hotspot Shield VPN to access restricted content like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter at work, college, or libraries. You can visit any website regardless of the filters or barriers your system administrators have implemented.

Secret Web Browsing

You may do Internet research while concealing your identity for personal safety and security reasons.

Using Hotspot Shield's free VPN service, you can safely browse the Web, make purchases, and downloadable without fear of being monitored or recorded.

Privacy-preserving, risk-free web navigation

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) increases your online safety. Passwords, bank transactions, and IMs are protected once you use Hotspot Shield VPN to access the Web.

More importantly, no one can pry into your private life over the internet.

Wi-Fi Safety

Starbucks' public Wi-Fi lets others see what you're doing online. A private virtual private network (VPN) makes it possible to browse the Web securely and conceal your online activity from prying eyes no matter where you connect.

Safeguards Against Malware

Hotspot Shield VPN's Professional package alerts and blocks access to malicious websites upon discovery. It protects you from accessing over 3.5 million known dangerous, fraudulent, and spamming websites.

FAQs for Hotspot Shield VPN

Is it possible to trace Hotspot Shield VPN use?

When you use Hotspot Shield Free VPN, your Internet service provider will only be able to see that you are connecting to the Internet via a Hotspot Shield proxy. The IP address we provide you is hidden from your ISP so they can't see who you're talking to.

So, what do we do now, exactly?

The current state of coupon use allows for its use on almost any product.

How much does Hotspot Shield's VPN service now cost?

Consumers might possibly save 81% off the suggested retail price.

How can I redeem my discount code for Hotspot Shield?

When you click the button, a new window will open where you can input the code to get the discount.

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