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About HotBot VPN

HotBot is a virtual private network (VPN) service that claims to be quick and straightforward to use.

Viewing services like Netflix and Hulu, which have geo-limits on which you can see content, say that this software can let you circumvent such constraints so that you can watch them anywhere you want.

With over 2000 Virtual private network servers are used by HotBot VPN to ensure that its customers' online anonymity is protected, making the web a more secure environment.

When connected to insecure WiFi networks, HotBot does not want its consumers to be concerned about hackers accessing their devices and browsing histories in order to provide them with targeted advertisements.

Is it safe to use HotBot VPN?

On a computer, smartphone, or another device that is compatible with HotBot VPN, you do not have to worry about becoming hacker-infected.

HotBot's military-grade strong encryption and its kill switch keep sensitive customer information safe from the risk of unauthorized surveillance or access. This is possible because of HotBot's use of a death switch.

Key Features

The VPN protocol

The IKEv2 VPN technology, including some of the earliest and fastest currently in use, is used by HotBot.

It would have been nice if HotBot offered a more complex choice like the WireGuard Virtual private network connection or an extensively used OpenVPN connection, although both are now mainstream technology.


The military-grade AES-256-bit encrypting method used by HotBot is still the finest and most secure encryption technology.

If you're using an unencrypted public Wifi connection, attackers, spies, ISPs, and other unauthorized 3rd parties can't monitor and decode your data flow.


Streaming sample results from HotBot were disappointing. Major viewing services such as Netflix US, Hulu, and Disney+ can all be unblocked using this method.

Streaming services including BBC iPlayer and Prime Video, as well as Spotify and other well-liked options like Fubo, were all enabled as a result.


For torrent sites, HotBot is an excellent choice. To ensure that the transmitted data is sent to the most appropriate Hotbot server for P2P, all of Hotbot's P2P-optimized hosts are available to users at all times.

P2P torrenting on HotBot infrastructure is quick and safe.


There was no sign of any leakage in my house when I had my test done. HotBot stopped webRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks efficiently. HotBot VPN had no IP or regional breaches.

Kill switch

Curiously, HotBot provides a Kill Switch for many of its Virtual private network applications, which is unusual. If your VPN connection fails, you'll lose internet. In order to activate this function, you must go to the 'Privacy' tab in the menus and choose the option to set it on.

Devices connections in progress at the same time

It is possible to connect as many as six devices at the same time with a single HotBot VPN subscription. This is amazing, however, HotBot doesn't really enable firewalls, which is a real bummer.

Because of this, we are unable to protect my machines on my household or workplace network. We must individually download the HotBot VPN software on all of them, not surpassing 6 gadgets per membership.

The policy prohibits logging.

HotBot VPN doesn't keep logs. They do not keep track of your IP address, geolocation, browser history, traffic, or anything else. Nevertheless, you must give HotBot access to gather troubleshooting and tracking measures.

Plans for Using HotBot VPN

When contrasted to other top VPN services, HotBot is a bargain. There are three pricing options: a monthly membership of $9.99, a six-month membership of $47.94 at a monthly rate of $7.99, and an annual subscription of $83.88.

Final Verdict

HotBot VPN is a good option if you just want to surf the web securely, but not if you're going to bypass big video content services.

A highly regarded Virtual private network provider is HotBot because of its user interface that is simple to use. Its functionality prevents leaks, its kill switch, its compatibility with multiple devices, its P2P compatibility, its large number of locations, and its secure method of encrypting data.

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