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About HideAway VPN

HideAway reimagines and enhances the Virtual private network by providing a secure link, anonymity, and access to your preferred sites from anywhere in the globe with the click of a button.

Whenever a new technological advancement is available, HideAway implements it. HideAway, unlike other VPNs, constantly utilizes modern, faster internet browser technologies like HTTP3 to maximize your surfing speed.

Speed was a design goal from the start for HideAway. HideAway's optimizations employ various clever approaches to maximize internet speed, so you should notice a noticeable speed boost in many circumstances.

See the velocity evaluations over there on the right - In terms of speed, HideAway completely dominates other popular VPNs.


Vastly quick servers

Our fast servers are located near important internet exchange points. We can use less expensive cloud hosting without sacrificing performance and pass the savings on to you.

When competing VPNs attempt to save money by using cloud hosting, the results are often worse speeds. In reality, while a HideAway server operates at maximum bandwidth, it only consumes 10% of a single CPU.

Quick encoding

Like other Google mobile networks, HideAway is built with speed and safety in mind, thanks to its usage of the same data encryption. It can process data at breakneck rates while protecting privacy, authenticity, and integrity.

Kill Switch

So that your actual IP address and personal data don't get revealed, HideAway disconnects you from the internet whenever your VPN connection drops.

Secure your online anonymity

Most Internet activity, whether at home, work, or elsewhere is insecure, making surveillance easy without our awareness. HideAway replaces your IP address with one of our IP addresses.

It encodes all your web traffic, making it impossible for your ISP and the authorities, and allowing attackers to track your online activity or steal your data. The bonus is that you'll be untraceable by websites and other online services.

Cut off all logging

We didn't include logging into the program, so we can't correctly enable it. Since we cannot keep records, we are in no position to comply with a request for data.

FAQs for HideAway VPN

How secure is HideAway's encryption?

The HideAway system employs AEAD. AEAD needs authentication before reading data. Secrecy, consistency, and validity are all safeguarded by AEAD ciphers at the same time. On up-to-date computers, they function very well and use few resources.

How would you want to spend this very instant?

Vouchers are more flexible than ever before and may be used for almost any purchase.

How much of a discount have you made to HideAway VPN?

Customers may get discounts of up to 55% off the original price.

Where precisely do I input my HideAway VPN coupon code to get my discount?

Discounts are available for those who use the coupon code they found by clicking the link we just gave.

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