Helium Web Scraper Coupon Code & 20% Discount (Mar 2023)

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About Helium Web Scraper

Collections of data found on the internet are often generated by searching a resource and understandably presenting the results.

A web scraper does the inverse of this function by transforming disorganized websites into a database. You may transfer this information to a database or a spreadsheet format like CSV or Excel. Use web scraping technology in a variety of ways, including:

  • Create a database of prices charged by vendors and manufacturers.
  • Compare prices across shopping portals to locate the most competitive deals.
  • Learn about patterns and statistics for use in your study.
  • Data journalists often need to get material from the government's portals.
  • One webpage will display data from multiple sources.
  • Create networks of relevant contacts using data found on real estate websites.
  • Try looking for patterns and tendencies in online discussion groups and social media.
  • Refine and sort the information on any website as you see fit


  • Use automatic browser delegation to speed up the extraction process.
  • Improve extraction speed by blocking pictures or unnecessary HTTP queries.
  • The maximum size for an SQLite database is 140 terabytes.
  • Relational tables are created in a database from the retrieved data.
  • You may quickly generate SQL to connect and classify columns for data import or export.
  • Combine API invocation with site scraping.
  • Text processing can generate matching, splitting, and replacing functions.
  • Full support for JavaScript allows you to insert and execute your Javascript on any page.
  • Put in a list of ports and switch them out at regular intervals using our convenient "Proxy Rotation" feature.
  • Identifies elements that are comparable between two samples.
  • Find web page lists and tabular rows mechanically.
  • CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, and SQLite are all supported formats for including documentation.

FAQs for Helium Web Scraper

Why do I get immediately logged out of everything?

The site will only remain locked in for a specific period if you do not tick the Remind me box whenever you log in.

Where can I enter my promotional code for a free trial of Helium Web Scraper?

When you click the link, a new window will open so that you can input the unique coupon code we've prepared for you.

What, then, do we have to choose from at this time?

To buy everything you can imagine nowadays, you may utilize a coupon.

In today's market, how much does Helium Web Scraper cost?

Buyers may cut their costs by 20%.

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