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About GrowFX 

You may create and manipulate trees and vegetation of any kind with the help of the GrowFX plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max.

Model and animate plants in 3D Studio Max with the help of GrowFX. Grass, trees, and forests can all be digitally reproduced as realistic 3D models using a very straightforward interface and a few critical settings provided by the user.

Use GrowFX to design landscapes with various plants, including broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, and more. Using its specialized model construction tools, you may make plants of any form and size that creep, entangle, and shear.


Designing Authentic Trees

GrowFX's "Meta mesh" technology enables the creation of real trees with astonishing detail. Meta mesh seamlessly merges a tree's trunk and limbs into a flat object at their contact points. For example, tree stumps of any form may be generated using metal mesh.

Make a forest and grassland

Utilize a single GrowFX object to produce one plant or an entire field of plants. One way to do this is to distribute from a boundary of an item, while the other is to spread from a set of predetermined spots.

Use texture maps to modify the values of specific parameters when dispersal from an object's surface. Maps can control plant density, height, etc.

Construct vegetation that climbs and trails

The "Object response" direction modification lets you attach your plants to other objects in the environment through path response to make a wide range of climbing and trailing plants.

In addition, you may use reactions to make plants grow in confined spaces or around various barriers.

Sculpt vegetation with slashed edges

The "Object slice" direction modification lets you slice any plant. You may utilize any of the standard geometric forms available in the Exlevel class of aid objects, such as a rectangle, box, globe, or the shape of any other item in the environment.

Generating arbitrary plant forms

GrowFX lets its customers choose whatever kind of stem or branch they want. Splines, namely the Spline orientation modification, make this possible.

Using interpolation among grooves, you may quickly transform one geometry into another with little effort.

FAQs for GrowFX 

Specifically, what kinds of choices are there right now?

Gift certificates may be used for almost any service presently in existence.

When will the complete edition of Growfx be available for purchase?

E-commerce partners, PayPro Global and 2Checkout, accept a wide variety of payment types.

How much would it cost if I apply the GrowFX coupon?

achieving a 10% reduction in expenses or more.

How can I redeem the GrowFX certificate I just purchased?

To obtain your discount, choose this option and follow the prompts in the "Coupon Code" section at checkout.

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