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About GlassWire

Because Windows Firewall performs fantastic blocking undesirable connections, there is less need for separate personal firewalls.

Third-party firewalls are often included as free utilities or elements in security suites, and they do provide advantages beyond those offered by the built-in firewall.

GlassWire, on the other hand, isn't your average third-party firewall application. Its creators refer to it as a "visible firewall," which provides you a lot of visibility into your network activities.

GlassWire software includes a powerful firewall that secures your whole network by continually monitoring the bandwidth of all connected devices.

For complete internet security control, the program gives precise use information subdivided by app, locale, and traffic type.

Bear in mind that GlassWire is intended to be used with your regular antivirus software as a second line of protection.

GlassWire is accessible as an Android mobile app and on-site setup on Windows computers.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes use GlassWire to secure their privacy and data.


Let's look at the significant features of this security solution now.

Internet of Things Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) security provides an unrivaled user experience. However, if your internet-connected gadgets aren't protected adequately, they might expose you to various security risks.

When you click the Things icon, a page appears that lists all of your network's Internet of Things devices. You may need to click Scan at first, and you can also set it to scan the network regularly. Using the free version will tell you how many devices it identified.

Still, it will also tell you that you need to upgrade to a premium subscription to get the specifics.

When available, GlassWire gives the device's name as well as the connection to which it's attached.

It tells you when the device was initially discovered and gives you its IP and MAC addresses. Instead of simply the IP address, you may now view the whole connection type of equipment that has one.

In future scans, GlassWire maintains any labels you input.

Controlling the Firewall

GlassWire lets you customize your firewall profiles. For example, you may have multiple firewalls for business, home, and public Wi-Fi access. You can quickly swap between them using this platform.

The GlassWire control service connects with your current Windows firewall and commands the reporting process.

You may use this function to ban apps or networks without impacting people who have permission to communicate with your computer.

It's now possible to unintentionally disable beneficial programs that you fear are malicious. VirusTotal, another excellent tool uncovered while researching this GlassWire review, may help you distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

When you upload the file in doubt, the service will scan it against antivirus sites and notify you if it has been flagged as harmful.

Visual Network Surveillance

This application displays your network's current and historical operations in stunning graphs.

Although aesthetic appeal in data presentation may seem out of place, it serves an important function, which is as follows:

Attractive graphs encourage you to look at them, ensuring that you never overlook suspicious actions that might have long-term consequences.

You can see what's going on in your network by looking at the graph, which includes things like:

  • Your communication, both arriving and departing,
  • Usage of network bandwidth
  • The applications establish ties with their hosts and their home countries.
  • You may also alter your skins to make it easier to distinguish between various graph metrics.


Isn't it true that a firewall is useless unless it can warn you of suspicious activity on your network?

During this GlassWire review, it was determined that this platform would never allow anything dubious to pass without alerting you.

This tool does an excellent job of enlightening you on topics such as:

  • Changes to the host file, application proxy server, or connection driver
  • When one of your applications establishes a connection with an untrustworthy server,
  • Devices that have disconnected from your network.
  • On your network, there are new/unknown devices.
  • The notifications from this solution rapidly fade into the background. In other words, the alerts flash on your screen for a fraction of a second before disappearing.

For example, you will be doing stuff that doesn't need interaction interruptions, like collecting screenshots. GlassWire understands if you might not want to view alerts at all.

Monitoring of Bandwidth

You can keep count of your bandwidth utilization using GlassWire's network monitor tool. This function is particularly beneficial if your data unexpectedly begins to run out, but your consumption stays constant.

That would be a significant indication that suspicious software is interfering with the privacy and security of your network.

Your network will become sluggish as a result, which may be aggravating. Furthermore, you wind up overspending on bandwidth, even though your utilization does not line up with usage records.

When you go overboard, the system provides you with an alarm. You may establish weekly and monthly data limitations using this function.

Next, you may examine your usage to see if any suspicious applications or devices are getting a free ride on your network.

Advanced Options

Let's look at some of the more sophisticated capabilities available with a GlassWire download.

Server Monitoring 

If you own a company, keeping an eye on your remote servers may help you spot problems before they affect your customers' experience.

Troubleshooting becomes more straightforward and quicker in this manner.

The "remote server" feature of GlassWire software enables you to monitor traffic on your local PC.

For example, you may use the functionality to observe new app activity and security warnings.

Time Machine on the Internet

You may use sliders to go backward in history utilizing this program. You may compare your bandwidth use by day, week, and month from here to uncover any faults.

Activate Lockdown Mode

The ability to restrict all network access while you're gone is one of GlassWire's features.

As a result, you can be confident that no apps will attempt to launch assaults or waste your bandwidth while you are away.

Detection of Wi-Fi Evil Twins

Hackers use rogue wireless connections to build access points on Wi-Fi devices. A cybercriminal may construct wicked twins that seem genuine using any internet-connected PC or smartphone.

Detecting RPD connections

Hackers may see anything you do on your computer in real-time. One of several motives why it's so important to read GlassWire Testimonials is to get information about this topic.

Inquire about connecting

Innovative apps/software may connect to your device without your knowledge, even while you're using it. GlassWire notifies you whenever a new network tries to connect to your device.

You have the option to accept or deny such requests using this system.

Subscriptions and Pricing

You may test out all of this platform's premium features for free for seven days. GlassWire Lifetime allows you to keep using the solution after your trial term has ended.

The free plan will be a restricted edition that can only be installed on one computer at a time.

Glasswire is a subscription-based service that starts at $39.99 each year for the basic edition.

The following are more price options: Basic: $39.99 per year for one PC with a six-month history and three remote connections.

For three PCs, Pro costs $69.99 per year. It comes with a one-year history and ten remote connections.

Elite: $99.99 per annum for ten computers with complete history and remote connections.

Use the latest Glasswire promo code for the best price deal.

Glasswire's Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Enhances IoT security
  • User-friendly
  • An application that is easy to use.
  • Notifications monitoring


  • There is no Mac version.
  • Information about router administration is sparse.
  • There is no option for automatic updates.

Final Thoughts

GlassWire is fantastic. Discreet notifications, micrographs, evil twin identification, ask to connect, lockout mode, still on your network, multiple server tracking, and more features are included.

Even though it has a lot of functionality, GlassWire is not difficult to use and understand. It doesn't need a lot of computational power or RAM, which might typically cause your computer to slow down.

GlassWire bills by the device, not by any other criteria. As a result, all plans will have access to the same premium services.

FAQs for Glasswire

⭐️ Is there any online promotion available for Glasswire?

Yes, we are running a Glasswire discount code on all plans.

⭐️ How many active Glasswire coupon codes are available?

There are discount offers for all plans and we are running 3 active deals.

⭐️ What is GlassWire's purpose?

The goal of GlassWire is to view your current and previous network to spot dangers. The software also keeps track of your remote servers, handles firewalls, and provides you notifications in the event of a problem.

⭐️ Is GlassWire a paid service?

GlassWire is, in fact, a subscription-based service. Because the program is both trackable and ad-free, selling subscriptions is critical to covering its operating expenses.

⭐️ How effective is GlassWire?

GlassWire is a fantastic and handy network monitoring tool. The program is simple to use and provides real-time information on your connections, allowing you to spot problems before they become too serious.

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