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About FusionCharts

Over a hundred different types of charts and over two thousand different types of maps are available inside FusionCharts.

FusionCharts is the most popular JavaScript graphing package, used by over 750,000 programmers worldwide because of its many features, consistent API, and many customization possibilities.

The FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT, PowerCharts XT, and FusionMaps XT bundle is part of the FusionCharts Suite XT.

When organizations use FusionCharts, a cloud-based JavaScript charting toolkit, they can easily collect data from both their cloud-based and on applications and convert it into visualizations.


FusionCharts XT

Our most popular item, FusionCharts XT, includes a wide variety of charts, including Line, Area, Columns, Line, and many more. A great supplement to your analyses, reports, displays, polls, and watches.


Graphics with Columns and Bars

Analyze data by contrasting point-by-point values.

Bar and Pie Charts

Display patterns, outcomes, and comparisons over various axes, allowing the user to zoom in and out as needed.

Donut and Pie Charts

Deconstruct information and display its components.


Build interactive stock charts and time series visualizations using JavaScript (HTML5)

You may use only a few blocks of code to create a beautiful visualization of data series and inventory levels in JavaScript with the aid of FusionTime.

Exhibit anything from a basic time-series chart to a stock chart to a graph with millions of data points and complex multivariate analytics.

Features such as a time navigator, date range pickers, tooltips with crosslines, and a dynamic legend are included right out of the box.

Your data may be shown in various ways, including column, line, region, spike, OHLC, and even variations like stacking section & area, on top of which you can place event and information indicators.


The ability to export full displays in various formats (PDF, image). Allow dashboard downloads or have the central server generate one.

FusionExport can save your real-time dashboards as a PDF or a picture. It's simple to set up and compatible with any JavaScript charting library.

There are software development kits (SDKs) for several languages and platforms, including Java, Node.js, C#, and Go.

You may export a showcase in its current state or modify it on the fly to include more information, such as your brand's symbol, colors, and statistics, in the shape of tables.

FAQs for FusionCharts

What does FusionCharts cost presently, given that the price keeps going down?

With the price reductions, consumers could save up to 20%.

How could I find out more about the sales going on right now?

It's easier to find discounts on almost anything you want to buy or use these days.

Do businesses pay for Fusioncharts?

The trial version is unrestricted. It links to www.fusioncharts.com. Without this connection, charts for business need a licence.

Where do I put in my FusionCharts coupon code?

To get a price break, click this link and type your coupon code into the field that appears.

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