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About Freshservice

It is a help desk and management solution for the information technology industry. Organizations may use Freshservice's cloud-based platform to streamline their information technology processes.

An online ticketing system, a self-service portal, and a knowledge base are all included in the package price. IT managers can now respond to service requests while on the go, thanks to mobile software for iOS and Android devices that allows them to do so.

Having Freshservice's ITIL-ready components on hand is a massive advantage for the organization regarding asset management and incident response. It is substantially easier to keep track of IT assets thanks to the Asset Management component, which simplifies the process significantly.

By identifying and monitoring your software and hardware assets, you can track where your money is going.

A gamification module from Freshservice, Arcade, is also available with this product. With the introduction of this new module, information technology personnel will be able to receive incentives while having a good time.

You can generate reports based on various parameters for events and modifications.

Freshservice can be integrated with third-party service desk software if that is something you are interested in.

With an annual subscription, customers may get email and phone support from Freshservice.


  • For professionals, it's a piece of cake to utilize.


  • The database's charges for use may be posted and removed at any time without notice.
  • Because of a lack of adequate reporting, no applications may be merged at this time.

Pricing Model

There are also specifics on the expenses and timelines involved.

To ensure that all of its goods and services are risk-free, Freshservice provides a 21-day risk-free trial period.

Paying a monthly or annual fee for a premium tier, comparable to Freshdesk's licensing structure, grants access to more functionality.

Freshservice courses include Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest, with monthly rates for each agent ranging from $19 to $99 if paid in full each month or $199 if paid in full each year.

There are various asset management fees available, ranging from free for the first 100 assets to $1,500 per month for all other purchases handled by the system. On the other hand, acquiring a thousand holdings for $130 each will cost you $650.

Freshservice: Security

Freshdesk and Freshservice both provide the same level of security protection when it comes to customer data.

SSL and SSO are used to accomplish this by encrypting and authenticating the internet communications of agents (Single Sign-On).

You may create passwords that do not expire, do not repeat, and need unique characters to create more restrictive passwords than the basic ones available.

To begin, we'll go through the most recent policy updates before getting into the specifics of password security. The information you need is available on the homepage devoted to this change, and this decision's repercussions are also essential.

Users cannot switch off the password policy associated with their accounts after they have enabled the option for them.

In the same way, policies controlling the usage of passwords should be kept confidential. As a result, once you've gone through it, there's no turning back.

Administrators should be allowed to use two-factor authentication at the very least. However, this is not the case at the moment. Freshworks should be able to take care of this as soon as it is possible.

Enterprise clients will not accept a lack of security; we can be sure of that fact.

Freshservice: Features

Using ticket-based systems such as Freshdesk and Freshservice, it is possible to submit support requests to customer service agents for consideration.

Examples include social ticketing in Freshdesk, skill-based ticket assignment in Freshservice, and marketing integrations in Freshdesk and Freshservice.

Email and phone calls are the most frequently used when purchasing concert tickets; Twitter and Facebook are less regularly used.

It is possible to find knowledge libraries and pre-formatted replies in both systems, as well as basic reporting and team collaboration features.

Freshservice is the finest choice for you to consider if you're searching for an all-in-one solution to manage your company's IT demands from a single interface.

On this page, you will find information on reporting issues and getting full-service software and hardware installations.

The Freshservice platform is more suited for supporting large-scale software contracts than these technologies, although these technologies may be utilized outside large organizations.

The employment of this technology instead of a helpdesk employee to handle customer support inquiries and assess the department's response time is a possibility for information technology firms in the future.

Final Verdict

Freshservice's new features provide you access to a limited number of external APIs, which is a significant limitation.

Freshservice did not achieve its aim of saving money by integrating its mission-critical technology as it had hoped.

Even though the pricing approach is more appropriate for giant corporations, it may put smaller and medium-sized firms off.

Even though it has some components essential for its functioning, this IT helpdesk does not go far enough to meet the demands of more prominent organizations or external IT service contracts.

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