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About Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, organizations can create a seamless customer support experience at every point of contact.

Automated chatbots, customized help centers, and sophisticated analytics are just a few ways Freshdesk helps organizations manage client engagements across email, phone calls, chats, social media posts/messages (IM), and instant messaging.

Freshdesk is simple and takes just a few minutes to learn how to use. Freshdesk, for example, has a variety of themes to pick from and the option to automate processes and handle escalations.

Additionally, it may be configured and customized.

Agents may earn bonus points for solving customer problems with the help of Freshdesk's built-in game elements.

Some missions may be created for support agents to perform, such as completing the knowledge base. Free email, Twitter, and phone help are part of the Freshdesk mission.

When it comes to customer support, businesses of all sizes rely on Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Feature Shows:

A feature that enables consumers to deal with support concerns on their own.

  • It allows consumers to interact with other customers and agents about support problems in discussion threads.
  • An external knowledge base is supported.
  • Customers may get answers to their questions by searching for articles in the help section.
  • In-house databases of information
  • Answering customer support issues are made more accessible with the assistance of an internal knowledge base.
  • Q and AQ & A enable consumers to pose questions to the support staff online, where other users may see them.

Features for Multi-Channel Support

  • Features for offering customer care and assistance over many communication channels, such as multi-channel help. For the agents' ease, communication is broken down into tickets/customers/channels.
  • Customers may submit tickets and access self-help tools via the customer portal.
  • Have a real-time conversation with a customer service representative.
  • Customers may seek support through instant messaging from a software product or a company's website via live chat.
  • Support by phone
  • Agents are available to assist over the phone to customers.
  • A system that uses an interactive voice response to direct callers to the most appropriate agent or resource.
  • It is a good idea to support customer service representatives by providing a script or system to help them deal with customer service difficulties.
  • A sense of belonging Additionally, brand activity monitoring/reporting may be included in the social network capabilities of agents.
  • Customers may communicate with customer service representatives through email, which is integrated into the system. Email messages can be linked to support issues.
  • Keep track of tickets and correspondence with customers using CRM connection with Help Desk.

Other Features 

  • Customizable ticketing, with a lot of automation in the works!
  • Phone, email, chat, Twitter/Facebook/in-app/forums/widgets: multi-channel support
  • Points, rankings, and objectives are all part of a game-like interface.
  • More than 100 business apps may be integrated.

Costs and Plan Options

Blossom adds collision detection and traffic policeman features for $15 per agent per month, preventing several agents from reacting to the same ticket or one agent responding without viewing updated ticket information.

The Garden level now costs $35 per month per agent.

Every month, the Estate costs $49. This includes support for custom customer satisfaction surveys, highly developed ticket assignment strategies (round-robin and load-balanced), distributed ticket ownership, numerous SLA policies, vibrant form fields, and Freddy the Freshdesk AI engine.

All of these features are included in the monthly fee of $49.

A User-Friendly Interface with a Few Unusual Options

On the other hand, Gorgias concentrates on e-commerce platforms while Freshdesk focuses on external consumers.

The software aims to automate as many customer support processes as possible, mainly via bots.

It is possible to tackle many of the most significant typical customer service issues using chatbots and self-help portals.

Freshdesk Arcade is the name of this function, and it's one of the things that makes Freshdesk stand apart.

In addition to being noted for its gamification features, the platform is also renowned for its ability to alleviate the monotony of a regular customer care agent's workday.

There are leaderboards for ticket resolution and medals for best performers and employees who complete special duties in Arcade's ticket management system.

The opportunity for each Freshdesk user to customize their dashboard to show the information that is most essential to them is a fantastic feature that you won't find in some of its rivals.

Using images and numbers, this dashboard shows everything from the number of tickets a user has on hold to time slice patterns that indicate what kinds of issues they're calling in about the most.

Two-factor authentication and Field Service Management are two new characteristics we discovered during this round of testing.

One of the most valuable features of Freshdesk's two-factor authentication system is its use on a mobile phone.

If you have service technicians out in the field, Field Service Management allows you to keep track of them.

Small Organizations Will Love This Help Desk Platform

Freshdesk's sibling product, Freshservice, is an ITIL-compliant platform that you should check out. This product has no features like change management, asset management, or project management.

It's challenging to find a program as competent and user-friendly as Freshdesk if you don't want such high-end internal functionality.

Overall, Freshdesk is still the best option for small firms that need customer-oriented issue solutions.

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