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Receive a discount of 20% off on the Fotor Pro+ Edition.
Get a discount of 20% off on the Fotor Pro Edition.
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About Fotor Pro

Picture manipulation and graphic designing tool Fotor is a sophisticated and easy-to-use image editing and designing a solution for beginner shooters and design aficionados.

Photo manipulation, graphic arts, and picture montage are all made easier with the inclusion of sophisticated picture enhancements, creative development themes, and sophisticated layout tools.

You can also publish your finished work on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook with a few clicks. Keep up the lovely work as a memento of your life's greatest moments.

A free picture editor for Windows If you have a collection of images on your computer that you'd want to turn into a canvas and display on your board, Fotor is an outstanding freeware photo processor.

To enhance your photos appear their finest, Fotor has a plethora of graphics features and effects. It can handle all the most common picture types, including RAW files, which you may assume to be reserved for more expensive photo-editing tools.

In comparison to the robust open-source editing software GIMP, Fotor lacks the features, textures, and extensions that Photoshop offers, but it does have the benefit of being considerably simpler to use.

Fotor has a slew of one-click effects for a wide range of photographic situations and subjects. Lighting systems, sunsets, portraits, landscapes, and theatre are a few instances.


Intuitive Image Enhancer

You don't know how to edit photos? Not at all. With just 1 tap, Fotor's picture booster may assist you to increase the clarity of your photos.

Just submit your picture and press the "1-Tap Enhance" option, and Fotor will instantly fix the brightness and color, increase features, and fix fuzzy for your picture in live time. With Fotor, you'll be able to improve your photos with ease.

Customizable Blur Effects to Fit Your Requirements

In "Tilt Shift," Fotor offers three distinct blur options. Using "Circular," you may choose a specific area of your picture and have it enclosed in a fuzzy ring.

The second option is "Linear," which allows you to focus on a particular area of your picture. The third choice is "Tilt-Shift Brush," which allows you to apply a brush to any region of the image that you like.

All of the acts may result in a gaussian or radial blur effect.

Crop photos to fit any social network profile's dimensions.

Picture cropping has never been so simple with Fotor. To create a Facebook cover picture or any other social media size that follows the golden mean, you only need to pick one design and cut off any unnecessary pixels.

Your Facebook cover, YouTube Thumbnail, and Twitter cover are all updated in a matter of seconds thanks to a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Hundreds of options for picture frames.

Everybody like trying out new things. This is why Fotor has a wide variety of picture frames to choose from, each with its own unique form and design.

From the traditional, shadow, basic... to polaroid frameworks, Fotor provides you complete assistance whether you need to add picture frames and tailor them to your family photographs or outfitting the picture borders up to raise the substance of your pictures.

Text Editor with Beautiful Fonts and a Simple User Interface

For big bold letters, cursive, calligraphy, handwritten, and character, Fotor's text editor offers a wide variety of high-quality typeface choices.

With a little research, you may select typefaces that complement the look and feel of your images. Fresh typefaces are continually being released, and you'll never exhaust all options.

Efficiently Flip a Horizontal or Vertical Image.

Using Fotor's flip feature, you may easily rotate your picture in whatever direction you choose. Flipping a picture is as simple as clicking on the flip icon and selecting the desired direction.

If you're having trouble getting the results you desire, try a few other approaches.


  • Intuitive tweaks and filters
  • Easy-to-use software for making picture collages
  • Converting RAW files


  • GIMP is more feature-rich.
  • Not ideal for starting from fresh to create a piece of art


It requires $8.99 a month for Fotor Pro and $19.99 a month for Fotor Pro+ to use.

Final Verdict

When it comes to making your images appear their best, there's no better option than Fotor's one-click filters. Not a Substitute for Photoshop in every way, but it's simple to operate and completely freeware.

FAQs for Fotor

By Using Fotor how much you may save?

You may be able to save as much as 15% or more.

If you have a Fotor coupon, what is the best method to use it?

Enter the discount code you were given when you signed up for a plan after you've completed the signup process. Your browser gets a direct connection to the approved site right away.

How much does Fotor cost?

According to the bundle you choose for Fotor, the monthly charge might range from $8.99 to $89.99.

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