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About FontLab

FontLab, a complete font editor for Windows and Macintosh, can help you with every step, from sketch to completed output, if you're trying to add some magic to your design.

Our company's primary focus since its inception in 1992 has been developing groundbreaking tools for designing and developing typographic typography and fonts.

Everything from the most cutting-edge variable and color OpenType fonts to more dated PostScript Type 1 fonts, MultipleMaster fonts, bitmap fonts, and other interchange types like UFO may be accessed, created, customized, and converted using our tools.


Make something beautiful out of letters

Demonstrate your creativity by creating prototypes and trying out new ideas. Create a font family from scratch using bitmap auto tracing and real-time calligraphy.

With intelligent snapping and accurate numerical and visual measurements, you can create and modify attractive, smooth, consistent glyphs with fractional or integer accuracy.

Clean up your sketches by adding overlaps, consolidating routes, and balancing stems.

Fine-tune the appearance of words

Create and construct glyphs out of interchangeable parts, such as flexible segments or corner skins that can adjust on the fly. Create text with accents by clicking twice.

Multi-line tabbed or panels that seem like a text editor, complete with spacing and kerning options.

Use the built-in, state-of-the-art complex-script font engine to preview your finished font with OpenType capabilities like elastic bands, tiny caps, and old-style numbers.

Let the words speak

Take a chance on colorful and varied new territory. Use FontLab alone or with other designers to expand and perfect any typeface.

It's easy to make fonts for just any Unicode script and much more straightforward to access existing fonts, modify them, add new ones, test them, and export them.

Do some new research and get ready

Use the original dark or polished light UI style to give your eyes a break. Organize panels in a vertically limitless, scrollable dock, and switching between them can be done with a simple click.

Modify figures using sliders and computations. You might expect an increase in performance of up to 8 times.

Rough out a new plan

Use the enhanced Power Brush or brand-new Power Stroke to create beautiful calligraphic lettering. Utilize the Thickness tool to adjust the thickness of anything graphically.

Use the Pen & Rapid boxed-in drawing tools with ease. Create intricate shapes like triangles and triangles using the Rectangle tool.

FAQs for FontLab

Can you explain the function of FontLab?

FontLab, a Mac and Windows font editor, makes type design magical.

How can I redeem the FontLab voucher I purchased?

To get your discount, choose this and enter the code in the corresponding "Coupon Code" area during checkout.

Just what is there to choose from at the moment?

Most presently operating services may be paid for using vouchers.

Taking the FontLab coupon into consideration, how much does it cost?

Achieving a 70% reduction in expenses or more.

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