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About FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the only firm that provides services for Desktop, Macintosh, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Nokia-Symbian, making it the undisputed pioneer in the creation and production of high-res monitoring tools.

Customers have been happy with FlexiSPY's business spy cellphone since it was first introduced in 2006.

With innovations like GPRS-based delivering, the first and sole spy mobile for Maemo, live contact imported goods for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, and comprehensive evasion on Symbian platforms.

Fully-featured remote controls, patented technology compaction and restarted procedures, PKI/AES compaction, and the easiness of functionality and maintaining the level of the most demanding implementations, we have earned our position as the industry technology pioneer.

Since we do not exist without our clients, we create, develop, and maintain all of our products ourselves. It allows us to provide unrivaled customer care through live chat, phone service by in-house employees, detailed documentation, and a no-questions-asked refund policy.


  • Listen in on all electronic and voice transmissions made or received by Android and iPhone devices.
  • Track and record every action taking place on a computer
  • Superiority to competing products in terms of monitoring characteristics
  • Services for Remote Setup That's Easy as Pie
  • Download the FREE Android or iOS mobile viewer now!
  • Used for Monitoring Children and Employees


Keep an eye on your electronic communication tools

Monitor your child's online activity, including their use of email and IM services like WhatsApp and others.

Check Out Some Web Action

Make sure your kids aren't seeing anything inappropriate online by checking their favorites and history.

Locate Mobile Devices

Make sure your kid is secure by monitoring their phone's position. Location may be tracked over time and can establish geographic limits.

Obtain a hold of Audio/Video Materials

Using our parental control software, you can see any file types stored on your children's phones, even those previously erased.

Hear Actual Phone Conversations

By keeping tabs on your children's whereabouts and conversations, you can safeguard them from potential dangers such as sexual predators and bullies.

The Invisible/Visible Switch

Depending on your family's requirements, you may choose whether or not the parental control software leaves a trace.


Keep tabs on everything typed, including search phrases, notes, SMS, email addresses, and more.

Capturing Images

Take images or movies using your children's phone's camera to ensure they are not at risk.

Make Your Notifications

Get notified of any questionable behavior, such as violating a boundary, flagging a word, or a phone call.

FAQs for FlexiSPY 

How much does FlexiSPY cost after the discount?

A few goods are eligible for discounts.

When can I use my FlexiSPY promotional code?

Enter the code into the relevant Box to get a discount.

Where can I learn more about what is currently available?

Most providers offer discounted coupons.

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