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About FlexiHub

As part of the Electronic Team, FlexiHub launched its namesake service in 2014. The FlexiHub crew set out to develop an easy-to-use software program that allows users to attach USB devices to distant computers via the Internet. This service would be helpful for people, groups, and large corporations.

FlexiHub has assisted over 300,000 subscribers in saving time and money by reducing the time to reroute a shipment.

The goal of FlexiHub was to provide an essential service that'd allow companies and people to manage all of their USB drives from a single location.


USB over UDP works just well

If a clear link is impossible because, for example, the computer you want to join is behind a network address translation (NAT) server, you may still link to it using the UDP protocol.

Good match with the cloudy atmosphere

Connecting USB ports on your local machine to your cloud servers will be no more hassle. Any USB device, regardless of its kind, may connect wirelessly to today's now-ubiquitous cloud computing platforms.

Quick acceleration thanks to less traffic

You can choose between the most significant transfer rate and the smallest packet when setting up a USB via an IP network. In addition, isochronous USB devices, susceptible to both latency and bandwidth, benefit from traffic reduction.

No data is ever lost, guaranteed

If you turn on "Keep connection active," not even the poorest Internet access may stop your job or harm your information.

The remote gadget will stay linked to your computer until the link is fixed.

Security tokens for logging in together

Your details are private information that you should never share. To provide access to your FlexiHub account for another user, generate a login token and send it their way.

In the absence of a local driver installation

Despite lacking local machine drivers, share USB devices across a network. Attaching a USB device to a computer allows the computer to recognize the phone's kind immediately, letting other computers, even those miles away, establish a connection quickly.

FAQs for FlexiHub 

When used, how does FlexiHub function?

FlexiHub can send and receive USB data via any TCP/IP or RDP connection. USB data from an auxiliary device attached to a specific port is encapsulated by the program and sent to another computer through the network.

I have a FlexiHub voucher; how do I redeem it?

Pick this and input the code into the "Coupon Code" section at checkout to get your discount.

Which specific options are now accessible?

Almost all presently available services may be paid for using vouchers.

If I use the FlexiHub coupon, how much will it be?

Achieving a minimum 20% savings in expenditures.

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