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About Extend Themes

In the WordPress community, Extend Themes is well-known for its intuitive, drag-and-drop themes. We've upgraded the Customizer so that it's now a robust site builder, allowing our customers to create stunning websites from scratch with a single, user-friendly tool.

The WordPress themes created by ExtendThemes are fully customizable, allowing businesses to launch high-quality sites in record time. Its free service tier may save smaller businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly.


Plans Already Set In Stone

A highlight includes a set of preset layouts for the header and body of the app.

Blocks of Content

You may easily add fifty-plus preset content parts to your website with a single click.

Modifiable Design Template

With the help of the panel for section changes, you can alter the appearance of any individual area.

Flexible Layouts

Out of the box, Highlight adapts to your needs. Every part of the site has been optimized for mobile viewing.

Presentation Themes for Videos and Slideshows

You may achieve a more up-to-date aesthetic for your site by using a video or a slideshow as a backdrop.

Superb Symbols

Instead of wasting time searching for icons, use Highlight to access the whole free Font Awesome icon collection.

The Entire Google Font Library and More than 600 More

If you want your brand's typeface to suit, you may choose from among the 600+ options available on Google.

Several Sheets

Do you need more than one page? We've got you taken care of. Also, use the same simple page-editing tools found in the Customizer to create additional pages.

Different Layouts for Each Page

The Highlight has several page templates that may use to create any number of different pages.

Variable Color Schemes

In the premium edition, you may choose the hues to reflect your personality. You have complete control over the interface's look, down to the tiniest detail.

Typeface Options

Modify the website's typeface in whatever way you want by changing its family, size, weight, color, line length, letter width, etc.

Charts of Prices

Making a sale of goods or services? The price breakdown sections make it simple to show clients precisely what they're getting for their money.

Picture Collections

Create stunning picture galleries with a lightbox effect and simple upload/management tools.

Adaptable to Use with Multiple Languages

Highlight's seamless compatibility with the WPML and Polylang plugins makes it simple to create localisations of your page.

FAQs for Extend Themes

After taking into account any reductions, how much does Extend Themes' full version cost?

The average 30% reduction in expenses for every given amount of work.

Which platforms are compatible with my purchased Extend Themes key?

To get your special price, just enter the code below.

Where can I get the best bargains?

Most businesses will reduce their costs if you buy several services.

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