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About Enpass

Enpass is a fantastic password organizer for users of all types. It has many features, both free and premium versions, and a lot of different applications for different devices. 

To make your digital life more straightforward, you may use Enpass across numerous platforms to remember your passwords, login credentials, and personal payment information.

With so many password managers to choose from, our Enpass review examines how the program stacks up against the competition, as well as its features, convenience of use, security, and overall effectiveness in handling your sensitive information.

Enpass is an offline password manager for Windows and Linux that has no functionality, password storage, or other constraints.

Security Features of Enpass

Enpass employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is widely preferred in business.

Enpass is among the safest and most sophisticated encryption technologies known, and it is used to safeguard data by banks and governments all over the globe.

Enpass is a purely offline password manager, unlike other password managers that save user data on the cloud.

Download a mobile version of Enpass and access your password repository on any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer via a USB stick to back up your information and synchronize all of your credentials across all of your devices.

Use a third-party cloud provider, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive, all supported.


When entering into your Enpass account, the Keyfile feature is an additional component that may be utilized as a second form of authentication.

When you add or change your master password, you may produce a critical file that contains an encryption key.

This file is kept on your computer, and you must punch in your strong password and access the key file on your computer each time you wish to connect to your Enpass account.

The layout of the user interface

Enpass has a three-column interface that is available on a desktop version.

You'll find selectable categories on the left-hand column, such as "Your entries," which will comprise login data, payment card information, personal IDs, and more.

Select objects from the left, see them in the center, then click on them to learn more about them on the right.

A Passcode Audit suggestion, a Tags section, and the Other segment are also available.

There's no doubt that it looks fantastic, but it may be challenging to navigate and utilize at times.

Generator and Auditor of Passwords

One of Enpass's essential features is the Password Audit. It will detect any credentials that are either weak, hacked, or copied across several accounts.

Pwned, weak, and similar are the three categories in which incorrect passwords will be classified. Enpass will test all of your passwords via the 'Have I Been Pwned' web database after asking for your permission.

Enpass will not automatically replace poor passwords, but it will create new solid password ideas for users to use to increase their security.

Information about yourself and a form-filler

More than just your passwords are saved in Enpass. Payment information, banking transactions, addresses, contact information, and other data may be protected. You may also keep a range of personal data to utilize across your internet accounts and sync your data across many devices. Details for hosting services, FTP servers, and data templates are more technical possibilities.

Personal identity numbers, contact lens prescriptions, clothing sizes, car registrations, and other information may be stored. You may also store images and files, including your personal information.


Your vaults or data are not uploaded anywhere by the Enpass password manager. It's exclusively for local storage. That's wonderful if you use your accounts on one platform, but you'll probably need them on numerous platforms, so you'll need to sync.

To get started with syncing, go to the cloud button in your Enpass PC program and grant Enpass access to create files in the cloud storage providers of your choice.

On the PC, Enpass

Enpass is available for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop computers.

Although the Windows and macOS versions typically have the most in common, Linux has joined the fray. As a result, you will enjoy a much better visual experience.

Pricing and Plans

The price structure of Enpass differs from that of most of its rivals. The free Lite version of Enpass is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop users.

If you wish to synchronize your passwords to your mobile device for free, you may do so for up to 25 items.

You must enroll in one of the premium Enpass plans if you exceed those restrictions. Individual plans are $23.99 for a year or $15.99 for six months.

A family subscription with the same services for up to six people is also available at $47.99 a year.

Alternatively, for $79.99, you may permanently access all of Enpass's capabilities for a specific user.

As with other similar services, either of these plans may be reduced if there is a discount.

You can check the Enpass discount code for the best promotions.

Pros and Cons of Enpass


  • For PC users, it's completely free.
  • Syncs with a variety of platforms
  • Option for safe sharing
  • Passwords are automatically captured.
  • Acts as a verifier
  • Creates secure passwords


  • Syncing necessitates the use of third-party cloud storage.
  • Traditional two-factor authentication alternatives aren't available.
  • There are no sharing permissions. However, there is an unprotected sharing option.

Final Words

Enpass performs well as a simple password manager. The password audit tool is excellent, and Enpass has a visually appealing interface and style.

It's free on the desktop, and Enpass seems to be bug-free, so that's another plus.

But there are several quirks in the system and some unique processes that may be a hassle.

The controls might be more straightforward, and using Enpass isn't always a smooth and user-friendly experience. 

FAQs for Enpass

⭐️ How much can I save on Enpass premium plans?

The maximum discount available is up to 60% on all plans.

⭐️ How to activate the Enpass coupon code?

Click on the plan you wish to purchase; the pop-up screen appears; copy the code and use it at the checkout page. Sometimes, the discount automatically activates at the official website.

⭐️ Is there any free plan available?

You can start using Enpass as a free trial; once it is over, you have to go with the premium plan.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan?

Lifetime is the most economical and best-selling option for most users.

⭐️ Is the password manager, Enpass, open-source?

No, the software used by Enpass is not open-source software. While some users complain about this, Enpass claims that since it is not open-source software, user data is secure and safe and that it will never be transferred from your private vaults in a way that compromises data security.

⭐️ How can I get started with Enpass?

Google has included a handy feature in Android 8.0 Oreo that allows you to auto-fill login information using Google or just about any third-party Password Safe.

⭐️ Is Enpass, a secure password manager?

Activate the security features. Enpass employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is widely used in business. It is among the safest and most sophisticated encryption technologies known, and it is used to safeguard data by banks and governments all over the globe.

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