East-Tec Discount Code & 20% Off Coupon (Sep 2023)

Get a discount of 20% on any Products, by utilizing the East-Tec coupon code on Eraser, DisposeSecure, and InvisibleSecrets.

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Users of the east-tec SafeBit may save up to 20% off their purchases.
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Customers that purchase east-tec Eraser might get a discount of up to 20% on their purchases.
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If you use the Coupon Code that has been supplied, you will get a discount of 20% off of the cost of east-tec InvisibleSecrets. Be Hasty Now.
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If you apply the offered Coupon Code, you'll save 20% on east-tec DisposeSecure.
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About East-Tec

Since the end of 1997, East-Tec has developed groundbreaking, industry-leading privacy and security solutions.

Horatiu Tanescu and Eugen Malita were still in high school when they started the firm. They foresee the need to safeguard users' personal information, online activity, and financial transactions from prying eyes, and they implemented measures to do so.

East-Tec now serves clients in over a dozen nations across every single continent. Many publications, online news organizations, television channels, books, and information technology (IT) and security experts from around the globe have praised east-tec Eraser, the firm's digital privacy system, and suggested it to their readers.

East-Tec serves various clients, from sole proprietors to MNCs and government entities. All of them are confident in the reliability of East-offerings Tec's and appreciate the ease with which they may access robust features.


east-tec Eraser

Safeguard your identity, both online and offline actions, and your security with east-tec Eraser, a piece of software designed to help you remove any traces of your digital footprint.

It will assist you in maintaining a clean Computer by removing large quantities of junk files installed on your machine, either with or without your knowledge.

Use east-tec Eraser as your default privacy protection program to ensure the security of your information and the confidentiality of your private communications both online and off.

east-tech DisposeSecure

east-tec DisposeSecure is a program that will clean the hard drive before you sell, give, or dispose of an old computer.

It's completely OS-agnostic, meaning it can be launched from a flash drive, CD, Disc, or USB, and it gives you a wide range of options for safely wiping your hard drive.

DisposeSecure is the best tool for erasing data from hard drives, whether you run a laptop recycling firm, government, or public organization.

east-tec InvisibleSecrets

InvisibleSecrets is groundbreaking steganography and document encryption program that allows you to conceal files, making them fully indiscernible to any user, and encrypting document and folder hierarchies containing sensitive information.

InvisibleSecrets is a full-featured security and cryptography suite that can encrypt the contents of files and conceal them from prying eyes.

east-tec SafeBit 

east-tec SafeBit is a disc encryption program that offers an ideal safeguard against data theft and illegal access.

You can hide documents & folders, maintain them protected at all times, and yet operate with all these documents in the same ways as you would with regular files, all thanks to its on-the-fly disc encryption and the use of virtual disc drives.


View this link for Pricing https://www.east-tec.com/store/

FAQs for East-Tec

How much does East-Tec cost after the discount is applied?

You may save up to 20%!

How can I redeem my East-Tec coupon?

To get the price reduction, copy the code, and then enter it when checking out.

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