Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5 Coupon Code & 15% Discount 2023

Use the Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5 coupon code, you may be eligible for a promotions discount of 15% on the items that you purchase.

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Duplicate Cleaner Coupon Code, Discount
To get a price reduction from Duplicate Cleaner, use the promo code here. The most effective method for locating and eliminating duplicate copies of files, documents, photos, and audio, among other ...
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About Duplicate Cleaner

You may use Duplicate Cleaner to keep your home or office network's files organized. You'd be astonished at how often superfluous or identical documents you'd uncover buried in an inconspicuous folder of your papers.

Duplicate Cleaner will perform a thorough search of your system for any items that exist again. This includes images, music, movies, videos, Word docs, PowerPoint slideshows, and text documents.

After these files have been found, the tools that are required to delete or move them to a new location will be made available to you. These tools will assist you in making these decisions.

Your options for dealing with these files include deleting them or moving them to another location, whatever you choose.


Removing unnecessary files

An easy-to-use functionality helps make it easy to find and remove duplicate files. There are a variety of ways to narrow down your inquiry.

Whenever it comes to deciding which identical documents to delete, you're not on your own. It is possible to choose files with the Selection Helper in a number of different ways.

It is possible to choose to delete from the hard disc the images with the smallest file sizes and the MP3s with the lowest quality, or it is also possible to choose a directory at random. You must have both strength and adaptability!

A list of files is great, but what if you've just copied over a folder to your computer? Using the Duplicate Folder explorer, you'll be able to see this information. It's easy to detect whether there are any overlapping file trees, and it's even easier to remove them.

Aside from the predefined file kinds, Duplicate Cleaner also lets you choose your own or "all files" as the kind of documents you'd want to look for.

The default is 95% resemblance, but you may choose the top and bottom ranges of large files to consider in the comparison. If you want to use megabytes or gigabytes, you'll have to provide them in kilobytes, which is a little cumbersome.

Make a list of all the photographs you have that are identical

Cleanse your picture collection using Duplicate Cleaner's help. Compare two photos side-by-side to identify whether one appears manipulated.

This is one technique to tell whether a photo has been edited. This method is one of the more difficult optical comparison methods. The contrast may be as precise or as sloppy as you want it to be.

You may compare the images in the identical grouping beside each other using the specially built image viewer. This will make it easier to choose what to retain. Provide image size and sensor tags.

Find duplicate music

You may use Duplicate Cleaner to scan and analyze sound clips. M4A, M4P (iTunes), M4A, AAC, FLAC, and WAV are all recognized codes. Make a cross-format comparison of the same or comparable music.

In contrast to the typical labels, Duplicate Cleaner will show information about any audio it discovers, like duration, bit rate, and sampling rate. The Choice Helper may aid you in determining which documents to delete, such as the smallest or lowest-quality versions.

Index your picture collection today

Duplicate Cleaner makes it easy to find comparable photographs or images, regardless of how they've been modified, rotated, or scaled.


  • Likelihood of theme
  • Scalability in the UI
  • Good filtration


  • Interface concerns are minor.


When it comes to a single-purpose tool, Duplicate Cleaner costs $39.


Clearing your hard drive of unnecessary trash may be a huge time and money saver. It also slows down your search results since the indexes are bloated and clogged with unnecessary data.

FAQs for Duplicate Cleaner

How much of a price reduction am I eligible for?

A 15% discount is available on your purchase.

What is the best way to use Duplicate Cleaner coupons?

When purchasing a plan, insert a promo code. The official website is connected to your browser.

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