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About Drive Genius

A complete malware scan is included in Drive Genius. Protect yourself from viruses by automating the process. 

Make sure your investment is safe from harm. DrivePulse runs in the background, scanning your computer for possible hard disk issues, failures, and infections. The automatic DrivePulse tool includes a malware scan. 

Disk Genius 5 simplifies the process and gives you complete authority over your hard disk drive. Find Copy, Repartition, Cloning, Secure Erase, Defragment, and vital functions are among the 18 available.

The following are the key benefits of the program:

  • It keeps an eye on your drive to see if there are any problems before they become serious.
  • It guards against malware on your PC.
  • It safeguards your data from being tampered with.
  • By defragmenting your disks, you speed up file access.
  • It cleans up your hard disk and frees up space.

It is undoubtedly worth the money if you use your Mac for business or have sensitive data. It has a more extensive toolkit than most of its competitors.

What's in it for you in Drive Genius?

  • Keep an eye on your drives for problems before they turn into disasters.
  • Malware Protection
  • Defragmenting your drives speeds up file access and frees up hard drive space.


Drive Genius is capable of much more than just monitoring your drives for possible issues. Cloning drives, securely wiping, re-partitioning hard drives, and initializing disk drives are available options. Physical and accuracy testing for your drives is included, and a virus scanner.

Update Drivers

Upgrade your drivers with a single click to make your system more reliable and smoother.

Backing up and restoring your drivers

After reinstalling Windows, you may recover all drivers with one click.

Driver Rollback Double protection

It's system restore point + driver rewind. At any end, you may return to the previous driver.

Cleanup of Drivers

To save disk space, remove any invalid driver packages. Free up extra disk space using System Cleanup.

Hardware Info

Hardware Information Inquire about your computer's hardware and its current state. Hardware heat and power are constantly monitored.

Remove device data that is invalid.

The old hardware data will be retained if you change hardware.

Transfer Assistant for the Operating System

After switching operating systems, get your network up and running again.

Driver Updates on the Go

If your computer cannot connect to the Internet, you may use the offline driver update application to install the driver and restore your network connection rapidly.

Is it completely risk-free?

Yes, using it is entirely safe. Drive Genius was easily installed on my iMac. A virus or harmful code scan by Bitdefender showed nothing. In truth, the app's malware scanner will protect your smartphone.

If you interrupt any application's functions, such as defragmentation, while running, you risk harming your files and even losing data. Clear cautions are presented when care is necessary. During such operations, make sure your screen isn't switched off.

Good things

  • A helpful set of tools in a single application.
  • Checks for issues ahead of time and alerts you.
  • It safeguards you against viruses and other malicious software.
  • It increases the performance of your hard drive and frees up storage space.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Scans are time-consuming procedures.
  • More information may be available in the scan findings.


The Driver Genius Professional Edition costs $29.95 for a year and maybe extended for an additional year for an additional $20. If purchased yearly, the Platinum Edition costs $39.99 for a year plus 60 days.

Use the latest Drive Genius promo code for the best deals.

Final Verdict

Disk Genius analyzes your hard drive in real-time and corrects faults before they become significant issues. It analyzes your computer for viruses and deletes harmful files automatically. It keeps an eye out for file fragmentation, which may cause your computer to slow down, and warns you about it. All of this is accomplished without you having to do anything.

It also comes with a full suite of tools for scanning for and fixing errors, freeing hard disk space, cloning, partitioning, and securely erasing your drives. These qualities are critical if you need a dependable, safe, and secure working environment. If you examine all of the features available, the application represents outstanding value for money. If this describes you, Drive Genius is a must-have.

If you're a primary user who doesn't have anything on your pc that you'd miss if it disappeared, Drive Genius could be overkill. Create a backup of everything vital, and if anything goes wrong, use the free utilities.

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