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About dot11Expert 

dot11Expert is a WLAN diagnostic tool that shows extensive information about your wifi network devices and their connections to entry points.

It's set up in a way that makes it easy to see a wide range of information about your networking and access MAC-level and PHY-level parameters in an aesthetically beautiful interface to separate connection difficulties.

Dot11Expert's data collection on your wifi connections and access points is rather extensive. It provides a list of available adapters, real-time transmit power graphing, and data on all detected wifi communication, including details on the quality of their signals, the process controlled, and encryption techniques used.


Comprehensive statistical analysis of wifi adaptor settings

dot11Expert recognizes wifi networks and adapters automatically, regardless of connection. The abundance of statistical data it collects on each adapter is, however, its shining feature.

This means that dot11Expert gives advanced users access to a wide range of MAC- and PHY-level characteristics that may use to pinpoint the cause of a connection issue.

Wireless networks and access points

In addition to a list of connections, dot11Expert also provides a live graphical depiction of the wifi signal and a supplementary table with details about all the wifi communication it detects, including their wifi signal, authenticator, and encryption protocol.

Additionally, the software specifies the network's 802.11 capability, networking type, and the number of accessible access points.

An expert-level wifi troubleshooter designed for advanced users

Users with problems with their wifi adaptor or networks will find dot11Expert an invaluable tool. It may collect data helpful in studying the wireless network and tracing down the cause of the issue.

However, users need at least some background in networking to make sense of the statistics provided since no extra context offers to illuminate the meaning of the various parameters.

FAQs for dot11Expert 

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