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About DiskGenius

Among the most powerful data recovery software and partition control solutions, DiskGenius is a one-stop shop for managing surgical interventions for both IT pros and regular users.

Build, modify, remove, and verify your disks and files for errors and recover lost ones on Windows 10 without hassle with this app.

Standard features involve creating, deleting, resizing, checking for errors, and recovering data from disc partitions.

These fundamental capabilities are programs for performing tasks such as culturing discs and partition walls, migrating an operating system, wiping space available, verifying discs and sectors for mistakes, and even virtualizing a present system disc into a virtual environment via VirtualBox or VMWare!


Partition Management using DiskGenius

DiskGenius is an extensive suite of freeware partition control utilities, which is remarkable given its price. If you select Partition from the menu of customization options, you will get the following screen.

With the N button, you may make new divisions on the currently chosen drive. You may divide your disc into many partitions and then manage each individually.

In addition to restoring previously formatting sectors, the software provides the ability to reformat the active disk, which helps create a blank slate on which to put new disks. In addition, you may choose to obfuscate or remove existing divisions.

Data Deletion & Retrieval

While erasing information and data recovery features are often seen in PC cleaning software, DiskGenius includes both at no extra cost in all its editions.

To begin, we may use the wiping tools, which include the ability to wipe a whole disc sector, duplicate data on an existing partition, and release the vacated space.

Methods of Duplicating, Cloning, and Moving

The disc management system that may help with other disk-related tasks is an additional consideration. System migration, disc and sector copying, and data recovery are all examples of these operations.

Retrieve Lost Data

The fantastic data recovery program restores lost data in various scenarios, including removal, wiping, RAW disc, sector loss, OS crash, and more.

Taking Care of Your Hard Drive Safely

DiskGenius is a comprehensive partition manager that helps Windows users make the most of their hard drives.

To maximize hard disc space and delete unnecessary files, you may resize, extend, divide, build, remove, convert, conceal, copy, and remove partitions using this tool.

FAQs for DiskGenius 

Where can I discover the most recent deals?

The savings on this page might be up to 20%.

Where can I get DiskGenius promo codes?

DiskGenius coupons and promo codes are available here. In addition to our regular specials, you may discover exceptional savings on DiskGenius goods here.

Where should I enter my DiskGenius promotional code?

To get the discount, go to the checkout page and enter the code copied from the button.

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