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About Defencebyte

Defencebyte Antimalware, a security solution that protects individual endpoints from online attacks, offers protection against malware—scanning the system for hazardous objects and setting up a firewall for network security.

Scan your computer system, files, and URLs for anything that might be detrimental to your machine with the help of Defensebyte Antimalware's antimalware program. 

Spyware, worms, malicious software, adware, malware, ransomware, and other potentially harmful software may all be checked for and detected.

With the aid of the solution, users may organize system scans and offer diagnostics that meet their needs. As new threats are discovered and thwarted, the Defensebyte Antimalware database is regularly updated. 

It's possible to protect your computer against viruses with a subscription to Defensebyte Antimalware. Mail, telephone, and a web assistance form are all options for contacting support.

Defensebyte Security provides this protection.

Defencebyte Security offers anti-Ransomware protection. 

There are three different types of scans performed by the Anti-Ransomware application from Defencebyte:

  • This is the best option for a fast and easy system file check.
  • In-depth scanning of the whole computer system is known as a deep scan.
  • Use the custom scan option to find particular folders or files.

Individuals' personal information is safeguarded under an agreement known as the Privacy Shield.

Defencebyte created Privacy Shield, a collection of tools for protecting online privacy. However, it is only purchasable and downloaded as a stand-alone item, like the preceding two items.

Scan your PC using Privacy Shield to check on the following things:

  • Instructions for registering for a new account (saved username and password combinations).
  • On your phone, you have many user accounts.
  • It's important to know that cookies and browsing history are saved on your computer.
  • Conversation logs from instant messaging platforms.
  • Files containing data about your online activities.

Optimizing Software for Your Computer

Using Defencebyte's Computer Optimizer, you can optimize the performance of your computer by deleting unneeded files and software and cleaning out the computer registry. 

You must purchase and download it separately from Anti-main Ransomware's product for this to work. It also has its graphical user interface (GUI) and features.

To name a few of Defencebyte's Computer Optimizer's features:

  • An extensive search of the whole system is carried out to locate files that can be destroyed.
  • Deletes unnecessary cached data from installed browsers.
  • a Windows service that disables no longer required Windows programs.
  • Look for corrupted application paths and incorrect settings and then repair or remove them.
  • Similar to Microsoft's Task Manager, this software displays an overview of all running applications on a computer.
  • This feature lets you select which websites you do not want your browsers to visit and restrict access to those sites from happening.


For a starting price of $39 annually,

There is a free trial version of the program available to try out before you buy.

Getting started with Defensebyte is a breeze.

Even though Defencebyte offers free trials, I could not access any of the links provided. Clicking on 'Download Free Trial' took me to a screen with instructions, but nothing happened — and no data were downloaded.

There was no difference in the outcomes across the many browsers we tested, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

It's hard to argue with its user-friendly UI, which is the best of the three products we tested. All functions are well explained in the application, so you won't have any problem moving around and learning what each one does.

Although it has the impression of being from the early 2000s, Computer Optimizer is plain and easy to use overall. The main menu has many choices that may be relocated to a more logical area to simplify things. Still, we can't complain since scheduling scans and using the many optimization features is straightforward.

Disjointed material and an unwieldy UI make Privacy Shield a less-than-satisfactory experience overall. It's not complex software to use, but it does take a little practice to get used to its layout.

For Privacy Shield, the major problem is the lack of a browser extension or mobile app. An extension for Chrome would make things much easier to manage passwords and choose which websites are included in the sandbox.

A Few Words of Advice

At most, Defencebyte's antivirus software is mediocre, and it's certainly not the most excellent antivirus software for Windows at this moment.

Additionally, it's easy to use and performs well in several tasks, such as detecting malware samples, finding junk files, and clearing up the computer registry. 

Among its other features are the capacity to locate and erase passwords and user accounts and the ability to ban certain websites.

However, it does not incorporate the more sophisticated features most other suppliers provide and offers inadequate real-time protection.

Alternative software: AVGAviraBullGuard, Avast

FAQs for Defencebyte

⭐️ What is the best offer I get on Defencebyte plans?

Here, using our latest promotions, you get 25% discount.

⭐️ How to activate the Defencebyte discount code?

Click on the plan you are looking to purchase. The pop-up screen appears with the coupon code, copy it and use it on the Checkout page.

⭐️ Which is the best selling plan for this month?

Anti-ransomware is the best-selling plan for this month.

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