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About DbSchema

DbSchema makes it possible to build schemas collaboratively, distribute them, and describe them all in one step. Other incorporated functions have included a data viewer, query builder, and information creator.

With this, everyone who deals with data may use it as a one-stop shop. All NoSQL and database systems, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, are interoperable with DbSchema.

Besides SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server, it also handles MongoDB. Redshift and MariaDB. Snowflake. The likes of Google as well as others. DbSchema uses drawings to show the database structure in reverse-engineered form.

Drawings and other multimedia will help access the content. DbSchema separates schema design from data. Many databases may use the schema. GIT saves prototypes as files. Then, work with a group to create the structure.

Database schema creation and management have never been easier with DbSchema. With some touches of the mouse, you can handle large datasets with ease.

With this tool, you may interface with the database schema, produce detailed records and statistics, operate offline, synchronize your schema with the database, and a host of other features. DbSchema reconstructs database schemas.

Key Features

The Design of the Logic and Physic

There are objects and several relationships in the logical data model. The physical layout may be generated from the logical data model.

Use a Variety of Relationships

Non-identifying, one-to-one, or several to so many relationships may be created in the design phase. The originality of the referencing column and the necessary attributes establish the primary key cardinality in the physical layout.

Make Use of Forms

Various forms and pointers may be added to the pattern.

Use the Conversion Rules to improve your sales

Convertors transform design-phase data structures, feature and object IDs, and other elements into their physical counterparts during implementation.

Work as a Group on the Concept of Design

Using the template, a team may collaborate on the logical data model.

Reverse-engineer the schema of any collection

Reverse-engineer the database's schema to build a fresh version. There is a database-independent representation of the schema inside the concept.

Databases of any kind may be accessed

Reverse engineering the schema of any dataset is possible using JDBC drivers.

Downloading the JDBC Drivers Automatically

Selecting a DB server In the parent library, DbSchema will install the JDBC driver immediately. To do this, you'll need an Internet connection.

Secure Shell (SSH)

Protected links are essential to the database's ability to operate.

Coherence of Schemas

The DbSchema type has its own representation of the data structure, which is distinct from the databases. It is not necessary to update the model schema when linking to a new server.

Multiple Systems Should Have the Schema

Model topologies may be compared to databases, so you can approve modifications, write SQL scripts, or merge differences.

Use a Word Processor to View the XML Project File (.xml).

XML is the data format for the application. You may use any editor to view it.

Programs for Schema Migration

You may produce SQL conversion scripts by comparing two project files containing multiple variations of the identical database.

Schemas to another format

Transform the schema into another database.

Create Scripts for SQL

You may create SQL scripts for creating database schemas.


For individuals, the cost is $196; for businesses, it's $294; and for educational institutions, it's $98. Licenses aren't transferrable. If concurrent users don't exceed the paid amount, commercial/corporate licenses may be used internally.


All in all, this was a wonderful experience. We didn't have a single hiccup or lag, as well as the processes were smooth and easy to understand. Even if we preferred the interface, tools like a chart creator might come in handy.

FAQs for DbSchema

If you utilize DbSchema, how much money can you possibly save?

Cost savings of up to 25% can be realized with this method.

What are the best practices for making the most of your DbSchema promo code?

If you're purchasing a plan, don't forget to use your discount code. The official website at the supplied location will be automatically linked to by your web browser.

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