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About Data Rescue

Data recovery software might be the difference between getting your information back and being unable to get any back in the future.

Many decent solutions exist, but Data Rescue offers a few notable and essential features that help make it an exceptional pick, including powerful search and filters, a simple user interface, and file previews.

Data Rescue is a terrific choice. Read on to learn whether Data Rescue 5 is up to recover your lost or deleted files.

Data Rescue is a powerful file recovery tool that makes recovering lost or deleted files a cinch.

If your computer fails, it allows you to scan your drive, recover deleted data, clone your disc, and even build a recovery drive. Do the claims made about it hold? Let's see what we can find.

What Purposes Does Data Rescue Serve?

It can restore files that have been erased or formatted from a hard disc. It may aid in recovering data from a corrupted hard disc.

Using it, you may restore a dead drive to life using a functional one. Your data is saved with Data Rescue.

An incredible amount of data can be stored on any hard drive, whether a spinning magnetic disc or a solid-state drive. It's also comforting to know that they're so dependable.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect world. Data might be lost or corrupted when a hard disc fails. When the incorrect file is deleted, or the wrong disc is formatted, files might be lost due to human mistakes.

It's a good bet that you're doing frequent data backups.

Nevertheless, what if you accidentally delete a critical file and don't have a backup? That's when Prosoft Data Recovery comes in handy. According to the company, Data Rescue 5 is the most significant improvement to Prosoft Engineering's flagship software ever.

The program has a new, consistent cross-platform user interface for Mac and Windows users. In contrast, the further guided click recovery will substantially decrease uncertainty and intimidation, helping users achieve their aim of getting their data back.

What are some of our favorite things?

  • As many files as possible are recovered using a variety of methods.
  • Using the FileIQ function, the application may be taught to recognize more file formats.
  • One way is simple to operate, while the other requires more expertise.
  • Before a hard disc fails, a backup may be made using the cloning capability.

What are the things we dislike about ourselves?

  • It might take a long time to search for missing files.
  • Because of the default settings, several of my files couldn't be discovered.
  • It's a little pricey.

Is data recovery free of charge?

You may, however, try out the sample version before you buy to see what data can be recovered before you buy the software. Even if the demo version cannot retrieve any data, it will show you which files can be recovered in the full version. It costs $99 to use Data Rescue 5.

Email and live chat assistance are provided, and a maximum of five discs may be restored. A professional $299 yearly membership is available for people who wish to use the application on an infinite number of discs and may be purchased on an external storage device.

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Using a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM running macOS Mojave, we were pleased with the results of Data Rescue 5.

A thorough scan of our 250GB external hard disc required just 20% of the CPU and 70MB of RAM throughout the process.

While searching and retrieving data, you may keep using your computer simultaneously. Additionally, the option to search and display files makes the recovery process much quicker.

A faulty drive can be recovered in minutes using the Quick Scan feature, while the Deep Scan, which is more thorough, takes much longer to complete.

Data Rescue 5 spent around 1 minute and 47 seconds scanning a 250GB external hard disc. If you have a lot of files to search, the scans can take longer than 3 minutes per GB, but this depends on the number of files.

Final Verdict

With the FileIQ function, you may upload file types to be recognized by Verdict Data Rescue 6 for recovery, which is a fascinating addition to the latest version. However, the most significant disadvantage is the cost.

Other recovery tools allow you to test their features up to a certain point, but Data Rescue only lets you preview files. There is a $19 fee for each file that can be recovered without a professional license.

Aside from that, Data Rescue 6 has a simple user interface that's easy to get around. It's effective as a means of getting back on track.

Other recovery tools are available that offer more features at a lower cost. To sum it up, Data Rescue 6 is a good program, but it isn't the best.

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FAQs for Data Rescue

⭐️ How much discount does I get on Data Rescue plans?

You get a 25% discount on personal & business licenses.

⭐️ How to apply the Data Rescue discount code?

Click on the discount button, copy the promo code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active promotions are available?

There are 3+ active deals running online.

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