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About CrossOver

Windows compatibility on Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS without a Windows license. Many popular Windows apps may be installed on your Mac, Linux, or Chromebook via CrossOver.

It's similar to an emulator. However, it differs because it does not need a Windows OS license. It's as simple as clicking a button to launch one of your apps on Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS.

A virtual machine is not needed; there is no need to reboot, and there is no need for a Windows operating system license.

Many people use CrossOver to run Windows programs on other platforms. As a result, it is built on the free and open-source Wine project, with the creators of CrossOver making significant contributions to its core.

CodeWeavers has published a new version of CrossOver for all three operating systems for the first time.

To support Direct3D, DirectShow, and Media Foundation and a new Vulkan backend, CrossOver 21 is built on top of the newly released Wine 6.0. Wine Mono, Microsoft's open-source version of the.NET Framework, is now included by default in CrossOver.

It's simple to install new applications on Windows. CrossOver will automatically detect and offer to install any .exe file you specify—config your machine to execute your application once CrossOver has been installed. There's nothing more to say.

Open source is a hot topic these days. It's easy to get away with meaningless babble. We are the programmers. Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS users can run your Windows software.

It's called CrossOver Mac. Windows licensing purchases are something you like. Is that what you're referring to? Excellent. The decision is entirely yours. Without using a cumbersome Windows emulation, CrossOver is the simplest method for the rest of us to run numerous Microsoft products on our Macs.

CrossOver has a unique way of working. Not an emulator, that's for sure. Mac command translations allow you to run Windows software on your Mac as initially built for the platform.

A single application, CrossOver, works with a wide range of apps, from productivity tools to utilities to games.

Problems with performance

While CrossOver does support a few commercial products, many of them from Microsoft, it's a hit or miss if you want to play Call of Duty 4 or run the newest Windows version of Adobe Photoshop because your firm has a Windows-only site license.

Counter-Strike performed flawlessly on CrossOver, just as they would on their respective platforms. Most recent PC games like Crysis and Call of Duty aren't entirely supported by CrossOver yet, so you may want to acquire them.

Crysis, for example, seemed to install but failed to do so. Microsoft Office 2000 programs are supported in full by CrossOver, as are more modern ones like Office 2013, Quicken, and Lotus Notes; however, they have known issues.

Our testers utilized the Pro edition of CrossOver ($70), which comes with two unique versions of the application, one for work and one for gaming. Games are not supported in the Standard version, which costs $40. Instead of having two icons in my Dock, I'd like a single app that ran both programs and games in a Pro version.

The installation process is seamless when using one of the supported applications. When you insert an Adobe Photoshop CS2 installation CD, you may see this in action, and CrossOver starts.

When installing software on a computer, you'll work with Windows's application programming interface (API). Also, new apps loaded through CrossOver are added to Mac's Applications folder and may be launched from the Dock. CrossOver utilizes your Mac's print driver for printing. Daily, CrossOver worked perfectly: it seldom interfered with running Windows applications, and it's simple to use if you know the program is fully supported.

Key Features

Integration is seamless 

Without a license or a virtual machine, you may launch Windows software from the Dock on macOS. Allows Windows programs to share a standard file system and copy and paste data across platforms.

Adaptable to the OS

Open-source Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and Fedora are all supported. Allows for the long-term transition to 64-bit on macOS.


Supports Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS productivity, utility, and gaming apps. Basic, standard, and professional versions are all included in one package.


More than 13,000 applications are supported on a variety of operating systems. It runs in under 90 MB of space, allowing you plenty of room for other applications.

Pros of CrossOver

  • There is no time constraint while working remotely.
  • It's incredible how much you pick up from the highly educated staff at Crossover.

Cons of CrossOver

  • The benchmarks might be challenging to satisfy at times.
  • There is no guarantee of employment or prospects.
  • Office 2007 and video games run slowly.
  • There is no standard for assessing the interoperability of applications.
  • Limited app compatibility
  • There is no way to tell whether the software is supported or not.

Crossover Cost

Pricing for the CrossOver Pricing is now broken down into three separate categories, depending on the demands of people or groups. Those who purchase a one-year license are eligible for renewals and an educational discount. The following are the CrossOver Pricing options:

$9.95 for a single version (one-time purchase)

$15.95 for a year's service (one year of support)

$499.95 US for One Lifetime (one-time purchase)

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