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Corel WinDVD

Corel WinDVD is a commercial Blu-Ray & DVD Player for Windows computers that edit videos and audio. It also upscales your video from standard to HD with every single detail. There is color correction and lightning control to enhance and improve the quality of the video.

WinDVD Pro

Also, the audio has multiple audio functions that help the professional match the audio as per the environment.

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Features of Corel WinDVD

1. Excellent video-playing option

This program is an excellent choice for watching movies on your computer since it only uses a little of your CPU. 

It used just 8% of the CPU; the software that used minor resources was Leawo Player, which used only 4%. 

2. You won't have to be concerned about sound quality degradation.

With lossless audio playback, you won't have to worry about sound quality degradation, which is excellent news for anybody who enjoys watching movies with a nice set of headphones plugged in. 

You may also adjust your home cinema or audio equipment system for high-quality cinematic sound using the software's Dolby and DTS turn capabilities.

3. 3D Blu-ray technology is now available.

Enjoy breathtaking 1080p crispness and next-generation sound system in elevated Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D movies. 

You may enjoy 3D playback your way with leading 3D technologies, including Frame Sequential and Polarization 3D playback, as well as compatibility with NVIDIA 3D Visual Shutter Glasses and XpanD Polarized Glasses.

4. Quickly expand your movie collection.

With the software's established upscaling tools, you can effortlessly improve your movie collection by converting standard-definition films to HD and 2D movies to 3D. 

To enjoy the upscaled 3D video effectively, you'll need glass and a suitable screen.

5. It's simple to watch international films.

Watching foreign films is a breeze with this program since it allows you to switch between different regions. 

It has a multi-language output, so you may pick subtitles for several languages if the disk or files contain the information.

6. A wide range of optimization options

The streaming video player has several optimizing and interactive features to help you get the most out of your movie-watching experience. It can alter the visual color, saturation, and brightness as you watch your movie from such a simple menu to obtain the most acceptable picture possible, and it can even extend its size to match your screen. 

The auto-resume feature remembers where you left off in a video and resumes it from that place whenever you restart viewing it, making it simple to watch a movie across many settings. 

If you're running the program on a laptop, a power manager allows you to save battery life.

7. An internet streaming search engine that is integrated

With the fresh Corel FlixFinder, you can quickly explore online film sites and pick your favorite movies at the most special pricing. All from one handy search page! 

Browse films by genre, compare prices, bookmark, and choose favorites!

8. Lighting controls and color correction

Adjust the color and lighting to get the most incredible photo quality.

9. Surround sound from the movies.

With Dolby Headset, Dolby Professional Logic IIx, Dolby Artificial Speaker, and DTS Neo:6 technologies, you'll be blown away by cinematic surround sound. 

10. Most popular DVD & Blu-ray player programs

With outstanding Blu-ray 3D player innovation and more than 250 million copies sold. All standard formats, such as Blu-ray Disc, BDXL, Mpeg-4, WMV-HD, DVD, and AVCHD, are supported.

11. Video conversion from 2D to 3D

Convert your videos to full 3D resolution and watch them in the most authentic way possible! DVD-Video, as well as quality and high video files, may be converted from 2D to 3D.

Pros & Cons of Corel WinDVD

  • Excellent Image & Audio Quality
  • Supports all Video file format
  • Conver 2D to 3D
  • 4K video player
  • No mobile support
  • It supports Blu-ray discs that most computers don't play


The money you have to spend for this Corel WinDVD is $63.99 for all. And if you want to upgrade to the latest version, it will cost you $47.99.

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Final Verdict

Corel WinDVD is simple to use, compatible with a broad range of movie formats, and loaded with features, resulting in a Blu-ray player that approaches the experience of watching a film in theaters.

FAQs for Corel WinDVD Pro

⭐️ Is there any online promotion for Corel WinDVD Pro?

You can check the Corel WinDVD Pro discount code for up to 40% on the new license.

⭐️ Is Corel WinDVD offer free plan?

There is no free plan from WinDVD, although there is a 30-day money-back policy if unsatisfied with the product.

⭐️ What kind of files can Corel WinDVD play?

WinDVD Pro supports various formats: Blu-ray Disc, BDXL, Mpeg-4, WMV-HD, DVD, and AVCHD.

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