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About Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a raster-based graphics digital design tool designed to mimic the look and behavior of conventional media such as drawing, painting, and printing as closely as possible.

It is meant for use as a viable creative tool, and professional digital artists use it in real-time.

The software provides a large variety of conventional artist supplies and tools. Oil, chalk, charcoal, and colored pencils are some mediums used.

Some non-traditional objects, such as the Picture House, patterned pens, F/X, distortion, and artist tools, let artists add non-traditional features to an image.

The user may recreate the impression of actual painting and drawing materials such as watercolor using a graphic tablet or computer mouse.

A painter imitates the aesthetic features of traditional media on different textured surfaces, such as oil painting, pastels stick, airbrushes, pencils, and other classic painters' tools. Many of these mediums were imitated.

The powerful functionalities of Wacom tablets are used to create different kinds. The Painter's airbrush tool, for example, reacts to force as well as tilting, velocity, and rotation.

Corel Painter provides artists and photographers with sophisticated art and design skills that no other program can match. The interface of Corel Painter blurs the distinction between conventional and digital art.

It delivers unrivaled performance, a fresh color, and new features.

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Features of Corel Painter

Brush settings

Brush control panels allow you to change brush size, frame, angle, flow, and so much more.

Control of the canvas

With ease, pan, zoom, rotate, and add lighting and surface texture.

Original content

Flow MapsPapers, Patterns, Textures, Nozzles, Gradients, Looks, Weaves, Images, and Selections may be used to enhance your artwork.

Tools for composition

Create eye-catching compositions using the Perfect Ratio, Layout Grid, Perspective Guides, and Mirror Painting tools.

Color blending

To create the ideal color palette, use the color picker, color mixer, color sets, and harmony.

Unrivaled Photographic Art

Artificial intelligence can style any image or photo, and strong auto-painting and culturing tools can easily convert photos into paintings.


Make your brushes, palettes, and workspace layouts, as well as unique import material from others.

Compatible with Wacom

Wacom and Painter are designed to operate in tandem, taking advantage of pen pressure, tilt, bearing, and rotation.


Run the improved Brush Accelerator, which takes advantage of your computer's hardware and graphics card to provide the best painting experience possible with a single click.

Apple assistance

Apple Pencil tilt, Trackpad, Sidecar, Core ML, and M1 with Rosetta 2 support will significantly enhance your overall Mac workflow.

Corel Painter: We Like, and We Don't


  • Simulate natural art materials such as paints, drawing materials, etc.
  • It possesses a wide range of brushes as well as other art materials.
  • It has a configuration that enables you to test your system to analyze and improve performance.
  • Reliability and precision of specific strokes.


  • There are far too many operational bugs, making it challenging to work with.
  • Poor UX and usability and excessively unintuitive behavior make it difficult to deal with.
  • It appears and acts as though it was developed in the 1990s, and it desperately needs a thorough UX to revamp.
  • There are too many flaws with Corel Painter.

Corel Painter's Interface

The more lifelike your digital painting gets, the more demanding your gear becomes. Corel Painter's current edition focuses on efficiency and streamlining the user interface, particularly layers and color choices.

The existing CPU-accelerated brushes are improved, which further speeds up canvas manipulation.

The primary enhancement is GPU acceleration for half of the app's most-used brushes; something Painter has never done before.

Although you may avoid it, it's recommended that you execute the Brush Accelerator functional testing that Painter provides when you first start since it tailors the new accelerations to your hardware and available system resources. This provides you with a sense of how your system performs.

A hardware-accelerated brush significantly increases the speed with which a brush applies strokes to the canvas.

The more glitches you have, the more difficult it is to carefully control your portrait and achieve the desired effect, mainly if you are not a seasoned painter. 

The raster shape tools have been moved to the Properties bar, with a flyout and interface for dealing with shape properties, making them simpler to identify and use.

There are other modifications to the color selection also.

The color selector is floating so that you can see it beside the colors in your artwork, and left-handed stylus users can flip it around.

Performance of Corel Painter

If you're an experienced artist, the nearer you can get to real-time brushes, the more it will seem like you're using the actual brushes and colors you're accustomed to, and the simpler it will be to transfer.

It has been discovered that the fresh acceleration significantly reduces lag and latency, particularly in larger brushes on huge canvases.

Acceleration is not beneficial to all brushes. A few accelerated brushes in the newer Faster, Simple & Faster, and Ornamented brush categories, but individual brushes in the vast Painter brush collection have varying amounts of acceleration.

Once you've chosen a brush, you can see what optimizations it has in the Professional Brush control system, but if you want to see which brushes are GPU-accelerated, you must open a new search window and enter "GPU" to find out.

We'd like to see this integrated with the Brush Selector, either by revealing search there or allowing you to filter or illustrate accelerated brushes, so users don't have to create a custom color range or search again and again.

Final Verdict

This latest update makes Painter extra user-friendly by fixing old flaws and updating the software.

It's lovely that Painter 2022 is a little quicker. Providing your computer's specifications allows you to use the brush acceleration capabilities.

FAQs for Corel Painter

⭐️ Is there any online promotions for Corel Painter?

Yes, we are running a Corel Painter discount code for up to $100 off on new and upgrade licenses.

⭐️ Is Corel Painter still in use? 

Most digital painters prefer one program over the other, while some prefer to use a combination of both Photoshop and Corel Painter. Most digital artists utilize Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter for photo alterations or retouching. 

⭐️ Is Corel Painter a one-time purchase?

A membership is a payment type that allows you to purchase Corel Painter over a certain length of time. When your membership expires, you will no longer access the software.

⭐️ Is Corel Painter superior to Photoshop?

If you require a program for painting or sketching and it's crucial to you that your work seems like it was created in a conventional medium, Corel Painter will suffice, and you'll be OK without Photoshop.

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