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Use Copernic Coupon Code and Get the Professional and Advanced Editions at a 30% discount on sales.

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About Copernic

Copernic, established in 1996 when the Internet was beginning to blossom, is mainly responsible for developing the modern search engine.

The goal of Copernic has been to make it easier for users to locate specific information across many storage mediums, including the cloud, local machines, and enterprise servers. Our products have matured, earning us recognition and praise from industry leaders worldwide.

As of 2010, Copernic was a wholly owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Corporation, which then, in turn, is a division of Constellation Software Incorporated, a Toronto-based supplier of software and services to the public and private sectors.

Modern-day Copernicus

Copernic is still the go-to desktop and workplace search tool. The key to our ongoing success is to provide innovative search solutions that address pressing issues hindering commercial and individual development.


Copernic Desktop Search

When it comes to desktop searching, Copernic's Desktop Search is unparalleled in terms of its depth, relevancy, and contextualization.

Fast searches are refined and all. To locate the specific item, you need a whole other challenge.

Searching Company Servers

Investing in a corporate search solution may increase efficiency across your organization. Did you guys know that Copernic's Business Server Search makes it simple to implement a premium search service that outperforms competing solutions while costing a fraction of what others do?


It's simple to set up and utilize

No protracted, tedious installation and setup processes will stress out your IT team. Get the Windows installation file and set up your file sources.

Groups and organizations may create their indexes with the assurance that their data is secure and protected. The folks at Copernicus will keep answering your inquiries.

Make use of robust indexing tools

Whether it's text papers, multimedia content, messages, cloud services, or anything else, Copernic's comprehensive keyword map can help your staff discover it.

Always keep your data safe

Copernic gathers no information. Your data is secure, so relax. Furthermore, Copernic's safety design takes advantage of your operating system's predefined permissions.

Ultimately, you decide which employees have access to which types of sensitive information for your company.

FAQs for Copernic

Where can I get information on the Copernic product price cut?

A price cut of 30% is now on the board.

In which section of Copernic do I enter my coupon code?

Get a discount by using the given promo code at checkout.

In what ways are the items being discounted?

There are now discounts available for every service imaginable.

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