CloudMounter Coupon Code & 10% Discount (Sep 2023)

Receive a 10% discount on a personal, team, or lifetime license by using the CloudMounter coupon code in this sale.

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About CloudMounter

The cloud storage of your choice may be mounted as a conventional disc with CloudMounter, where your data will be secure and private.

The program links straight to the servers instead of storing local copies of your data as the native clients of Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and other services do. Using CloudMounter, your data has been protected both whiles in transit and when stored.


Mac OS X Dropbox client

Want to view all of your Dropbox files easily? Finder now supports immediate access to one or more Dropbox files, eliminating the requirement to synchronize your files. Use CloudMounter to attach it to your PC as a disk drive.

Use CloudMounter's Dropbox security to safely transfer files between your local machine and the cloud storage service. Maintain safe online record-keeping.

Mount a Google Drive to use as a shared drive

You may link as many Google Drive profiles as you want to your PC with CloudMounter. Ease the process of accessing your internet content.

Viewing and making changes to spreadsheets and files online without downloading them to your Mac is possible. You may use CloudMounter to mount Google Drive as a shared folder, allowing you to use its many capabilities, including its built-in encryption, for a more streamlined data administration.

Apple Mac OS X version of the OneDrive client

With CloudMounter, you may set up your OneDrive accounts as local CDs on your workstation to access, alter, and explore online files as if they were local. Pick your primary OneDrive account and have free access through Launcher.

Maximize your Cloud storage potential; you don't need to transfer files to your Computer while using CloudMounter. Keep track of just the essential documents.

Coding of Data Stored in the Cloud

The latest encryption technology in the cloud ensures the privacy of your data and mitigates any potential security concerns.

Current in every manner

Our hardworking development team is never content with the status quo, so we constantly innovate and add new features to our service.

FAQs for CloudMounter

How much does CloudMounter cost after discounts are applied?

Customers can save up to 10%.

In which locations do I enter my CloudMounter discount code?

To use your discount coupon, please enter it at checkout.

What can be purchased at a lower price?

In general, you may expect to save money when you use a service.

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