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About ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a top-notch platform for holding conference calls. Internal conference calls and webinars may be hosted on the same platform. With this service, you may have endless conferences and conduct webinars simultaneously with up to four cameras. That doesn't even take into account the HD audio and visuals. It's the most excellent tool for hosting webinars.

At 25%, ClickMeeting invites you to submit your account profile, typical of many newer online services. You can complete your profile through Facebook or manually enter your information. You may use an avatar, upload a picture of yourself, or snap a photo with your camera to represent yourself. Using ClickMeeting, you may get started on a meeting straight immediately. Friendly, bright, uncluttered, and not too business or old, the user interface (UI) is a pleasure to use.

ClickMeeting: A Quick Guide

Take ClickMeeting's user-friendliness as an example. It's crucial to know this because errors are more often than you think about live events. When you're juggling many things, you're more likely to make errors. Showing presentations to your audience while simultaneously receiving audio questions from them and enabling two individuals to be on the screen simultaneously is an example of this use case.

When all of these items are organized intuitively, it is simple to keep track of them all at once. The user interface for Clickmeeting was spot on.

What is good about ClickMeeting?

  • Webinars and internal conference calls may both benefit from using ClickMeeting. In other words, you may use the service for both webinars and regular conference calls.
  • In addition to traditional video conferencing options like screen sharing, ClickMeeting offers many creative tools, such as polls and surveys.
  • The UI of ClickMeeting can be rebranded to your precise specifications, from the conference room to your email alerts and even the waiting area for attendees.
  • Another great benefit of utilizing ClickMeeting is that you may earn money while doing so. Selling access to your webinars is a great way to make money off of your knowledge.

Where is ClickMeeting lacking behind?

  • No matter the plan you pick, you can only have up to 25 people on conference calls. While this may be the case for certain other conference call service providers, it is still a significant restriction.
  • Expensive: Add-ons aren't the only thing that adds up in price. Overall, the service isn't as affordable as some of its rivals.

Arrangements and costs

The cost for ClickMeeting's two plans is dependent on how many people will be attending your webinars. The Automated plan costs $45 a month (or $480 a year) for up to 25 guests, while the Live plan costs $30 a month (or $300 a year).

The Live plan is more expensive than the Automated plan at $79 per month (or $720 annually) for 100 guests. If you're interested in the Automated plan, a seven-day free trial gives you access to most of its features.

Use the latest Clickmeeting promo code for the best price deal.


ClickMeeting's security features are simple, but they're critical. Data is inspected for viruses and malware to and from ClickMeeting's servers before being shared. Participants may be removed at any moment by the presenter, and meetings can be password-protected only when they are created.

Meetings can be fun using ClickMeeting!

Suppose you're searching for active participation, a training seminar, or a brainstorming session. In that case, ClickMeeting has a choice of presentation tools, video chat with up to four participants, and dial-in and VoIP calling options. Small businesses would appreciate its attractive user interface and affordable pricing. As a result, ClickMeeting has been named our Editors' Choice for small business video conferencing services. We recommend Cisco WebEx Meetings, our second Editor's Choice, for teams with more than four individuals who need to see each other.

Final Thought

When it comes to the best webinar software, Clickmeeting is up there with its best. It indicates that its creators have a profound grasp of webinars and the pain points of marketers that utilize them as a marketing tool.

If your organization depends on webinars to generate leads or keep in contact with workers, ClickMeeting has a lot to offer.

Several ways to keep your audience interested during a video conference, including automatic follow-ups after a successful webinar.

In terms of efficiency, integrations are a significant asset. The cost of this program is also pretty affordable, given all the features it provides.

FAQs for ClickMeeting

⭐️ How much discount do I get on ClickMeeting plans?

You can get up to a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

⭐️ How to activate the ClickMeeting discount code?

Click on the discount button, and copy the promotional code. Use at the checkout page.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan for this month?

Automated is the best-selling plan and offers you the best price.

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