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This is available for single account, 5 accounts & 10 accounts pack.
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About Clean Email

It's no longer easy to keep track of your Email. Thousands of unopened emails have created a chaotic situation. Do you want to clear your Email with just one click? If you're searching for a simple method to handle and triage your emails, this app is for you.

Clean Email makes it easier to manage your inbox, overflowing with unread and undesired emails while maintaining your data secure and private. It's a specific email cleaner and planner that lets you switch away from emails and seize command of your inbox.

Clear Email uses strong logic and filters to separate all the mail in your inbox into relevant categories, enabling you to quickly find valuable emails and clean out your inbox from those you don't need with just a few taps.

Clean Email allows you to:

Unsubscribe from emails you don't want to receive; delete, transfer, archive, and label big groups of Emails at once; block senders you don't want to hear from; and more.
Organize your emails into simple-to-review bundles to make email management more effortless.
Emails should be saved in a 'Read Later folder.
Numerous repetitive email duties are handled automatically.
Examine your email address to see whether it's been hacked.

Subscription pricing and terms

Explicit Emails has three pricing options: one subscription for $9.99 per month, five users for $19.99 per month, & ten addresses for $29.99 per month.

Clean Email gives you unrestricted access to all existing and future features and compatibility with all major devices and email providers.

The phrase "No Credit Card Needed" piqued my curiosity. To try out their email service, they are offering a free trial. It's a little pricey.

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Feature of Clean Email

Clean Email includes sophisticated tools for cleaning up an overburdened inbox and automating email chores to keep it clean in the future. The application also aids in email purification by allowing you to handle large groups of emails simultaneously.

Clean-up Time
Keeping your Email clean and organized is one of the most challenging tasks. It's simple to get behind, and then trying to catch up becomes a tremendous undertaking.

Quick Clean aggregates your most frequently cleaned emails into sections like Social Notifications and Email Alerts older than three years, allowing you to archive or delete them all at once.

Views from the Front Row
Bright Views are pre-defined filters that apply to your whole inbox, making them an excellent email organizer. Clean Email groups similar sorts of emails together using Smart Views, making it simple to read through all of your emails in moments, categorize and thoroughly clean emails you may not need, or delete them.

Email Groups
Clean Email's Email Groups feature lets you view all of the emails from a collective at once, allowing you to concentrate on what needs to be addressed swiftly. Choose one in your inbox view and proceed to edit or delete a group.

Unsubscribe from undesired emails and senders is a nice feature of these programs. With this tool, you can keep your Email clean of junk.

Automate Tasks
Clean Up Your Tasks By optimizing your email cleanup practice; Email can help you keep your inbox clean moving forward.

Sorting using Filters
Various filters, such as "Status" and "Age," may be applied to your Email. Sort the messages by source, age, and length.

These options may be found just under the search box. You may effortlessly identify your selected emails and retain or delete them from your mailbox using Clean Email's filters and shortening tool.

Auto Archive
Email groups may be formed based on various criteria, and each category will have its own set of cleanup options, such as whether to archive, trash, or retain emails automatically.

Final Thoughts

Clean Email is the most excellent email cleaner and planner for privacy, allowing you to unsubscribe from mail and take complete control of your inbox. It organizes your emails into appropriate categories using strict rules and filters.

It's a simple email management solution program that helps you better manage your inbox, overflowing with unread and undesired emails, while keeping your data secure and protecting your privacy.

The email inbox cleanup program will clear out the clutter in your inbox, allowing you to concentrate on the most important emails. You can clean up your emails, unsubscribe from unwanted and spammed emails, and access all of your emails in one location.

Clean Email will assist you in managing your mailbox without bugging your connections, and it will not read or trade your information.

FAQs for Clean Email

⭐️ What is the best price deal on Clean Email plans?

You can save up to 72% on a yearly license.

⭐️ How to use Clean Email discount code?

Click on the discount/ deal button. Please copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan?

A yearly license for five accounts is the top-selling for this month.

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