Cisdem Discount Code & 75% Off Coupon (Sep 2023)

Check out the most recent Cisdem coupon code for discounts of up to 75% off on various items, including Video Player, Data Recovery, and Duplicate Finder.

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Cisdem Aug 2023 Deal
Cisdem is on sale on Summer 2023.
Use the promo code we've provided at checkout; you can save 75% off the full price of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.
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Use the promo code we've provided at checkout; you can save 15% off the full price of Cisdem Data Recovery.
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You will get a discount on Cisdem Duplicate Finder equal to 20% off its regular price if you use the coupon code provided to you at the checkout.
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By using the coupon code that has been supplied at the checkout, you will get a discount of 20% off on Cisdem AppCrypt.
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Use the provided promo code at checkout to get 20% off Cisdem AppCrypt.
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Just use the coupon code at checkout to save 15% off on Cisdem Document Reader.
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Simply use the promotional code to get a discount of 30% off your purchase of Cisdem Unarchiver.
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To save 64% off your purchase of Cisdem Window Manager, just enter the promo code.
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If you use the Cisdem Video Converter coupon code, you have the opportunity to get a discount of 20% off.
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Using the coupon code for Cisdem Video Converter, you may get a discount of 20% off all of your purchases.
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Obtain a discount of 20% off on all purchases with the Cisdem DVD Burner coupon code.
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Cisdem Video Player Coupon Code, Take 15% Off All Purchases.
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About Cisdem

Cisdem has been developing cutting-edge technology in usability, documents, digital, and smartphones since 2014. People and businesses utilize Cisdem Programs in over a hundred countries because of their straightforward and intuitive interface.

To guarantee that our IT services are both cutting-edge and utterly responsive to our customer's demands, we invest heavily in R&D and regularly schedule maintenance and upgrades to keep things running smoothly.

When it comes to information recovery, expelling duplicates, handling Mac Connections, tying applications, transforming and OCR-ing Pdf documents, accessing and transforming clips, burning DVDs, clearing or restoring files on mobile devices, or any other task, we at Cisdem sincerely wish that our applications have been of assistance.

Our ultimate objective is to continue producing adaptable, reasonably priced products that improve efficiency and quality of living.


Data Recovery

One of the most sophisticated professionals in the field of data restoration, with comprehensive methods for retrieving lost information from any storage medium and under almost all conditions.

Documents, pictures, movies, music, archives, mail, and many more system files are all recoverable with this information rehabilitation program.

This software for recovering data provides top-notch recovery results across various devices and storage types.

Can't see the restored images and videos? You may fix broken photos and movies with the help of this information retrieval program's broad picture and movie fixing options.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder

When you use Cisdem Duplicate Finder, you can quickly and easily generate a report listing all of the same documents on your Computer, irrespective of their filenames.

The software is foolproof, allowing you to maintain just the best copy of each duplication while freeing up valuable hard drive space.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder employs a sophisticated scanner engine to analyze folders using their actual contents rather than their external metadata. Robust and versatile scanning lets you choose which folders and files to scan.

The same is true for similar-looking photos. Cisdem Duplicate Finder may help you find and get rid of pictures that are virtually similar to others, save for minor details.

After just a succession of photographs, it determines which one is the finest and saves it so you may use it later.


With ContactsMate, anyone can easily handle and use all their connections from various places since they will all be consolidated into a single, up-to-date database.

ContactsMate's robust features make it easy to organize and keep track of your connections in every conceivable way.

Within the information tab, ContactsMate presents information about the person, such as their picture, name, email, location, and other relevant facts.

When your connections are organized into groups or categories based on various criteria, it's easy to get the information you need.

Filling in the blanks allows you to add a new number to your list or modify existing ones. It's easy to find the person you're looking for with the help of the text box.

Whenever you run ContactsMate, it will immediately integrate your Apple Contacts into it.


AppCrypt is a trustworthy solution for Macintosh customers to secure programs and restrict URLs; it prevents online and offline interruptions, safeguards children from exposure to unsuitable content and protects personal information from prying eyes.

Software on your Computer may be password-protected so that only those with the correct key can access it.

You may restrict your pictures and clips in Photographs, inhibit purchases from being made in iTunes or perhaps the App Store, encrypt your WhatsApp conversation history, turn off games, and stop children from tinkering with the system's preferences.

A single passcode can lock down all of your digital assets.

AppCrypt may prevent users from visiting potentially hazardous or disruptive URLs in Safari and Chrome by blocking the whole site or individual URLs.

Document Reader

A universal document viewer can read pdf, wpd, wps, and even winmail.dat files. Include additional functions, including file conversion, picture extraction, and printing.

You may save yourself cash and time by opening and viewing all of your files in a single program, rather than having to seek out and download separate readers for each file type.

PDF, textual, and image conversion is supported, as is partial conversion.

Image extraction from PDFs with partial pages and area capability.


If you're looking for a robust unzip program, go no further than Cisdem Unarchiver. It has the capability of file compression.

Cisdem Unarchiver is a game-changer for Macintosh users who have difficulty opening packages with filename suffixes like RAR. It's a top-notch Macintosh unarchiver that works with almost every archive format, including RAR, Zip, 7z, ISO, and Nsis.

Cisdem Unarchiver allows you to examine previews of archived files to verify that you're extracting the correct files before removing them. The bundled files are also compatible with the majority of desktop apps.

Window Manager

Easily and swiftly divide your window into full-screen mode, half display, or quarter display in a snap. You can move and resize windows and use shortcut keys to operate them.

The seven predefined snap places in Cisdem Window Management are the four sides of the display, as well as the top and left sides of the show.

A panel may be expanded to large HD, split beside each other, or set to edges in one-quarter screen resolution when dragged to specific locations of the computer monitor.

The Cisdem Window Manager offers an adjustable grid layout.


PDFMaster is a versatile PDF tool that can do it all: generate, edit, combine, divide, reduce, encode, and decode PDF documents.

It has a user-friendly layout puts frequently used features right where you need them so that you can become a PDF pro in no moment.

Marking PDFs is crucial for enhancing and clarifying the material. By highlighting, underlining, and striking out passages of text, Cisdem PDFMaster aids with comprehension.

You may enhance your PDFs using the form, word, pencil, and remark annotation and comment capabilities.

In addition to these features, PDFs allow you to add a predetermined mark, fill out paperwork using your writing, and trim the document to show the content you need.

In order to do this, many PDFs must be merged into one. Exhibit preview images of each PDF sheet so that you may insert, remove, rearrange, and resize pages.

PDF Converter

Office formats are required for document creation and modification, but PDF can be seen correctly on any device and is simple to preserve and share; hence, PDF transformation is frequent for more modification or re-use.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR makes every effort to keep the original document's text, images, and charts, as well as its layout and formatting.

For instance, it maintains the formatting of PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets while importing data sets into the correct cell. The resulting file doesn't need to be fine-tuned for hours.

With the OCR functionality enabled, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR can quickly process batches of scanning PDF and picture files. It also allows users to fine-tune the OCR applied regions by explicitly highlighting words, pictures, and tabular for improved recognition accuracy.

Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter supports all encoder types, including H.265/HEVC, H.264, etc., and 4K UHD video may be output for several platforms.

It consistently and successfully converts data to a format that meets user needs without compromising quality. It's possible to transform many files in one go, so this tool will still provide results quickly even when you have many films to process.

As well as supporting all popular decoding standards including H.265/HEVC, H.264, Xvid, VP8, VP9, etc., and allows for the export of movies in the newest 4K UHD Cisdem Video Converter additionally will enable you to convert between various audio standards.

It consistently and reliably produces high converting results. Because it supports batch processing, this tool can convert many files at once, allowing you to get your restored films quickly even when you have a lot to transform.

DVD Burner

Burn any films on DVDs, DVD folders, or ISO files fast and easily using the best DVD burning program, complete with robust modifying tools and a user-friendly interface.

Free DVD panel designs are available for download in Cisdem DVD Burner and cover many themes. You may choose one that fits your DVD's subject, or you could decide not to have a menu.

Cisdem DVD Burner can burn movies straight to DVD Disc, which is compatible with all DVD codecs. You may also make an ISO copy of your data to burn it later or transform the data into a DVD directory to watch it as an actual DVD.

Video Player

You can stream movies in 1080p, 4k, and even 8k resolutions on this free video player. The crisp footage makes you feel like you're in the scene.

Cisdem Video Player supports a wide range of high-definition and ultra-high-definition formats, from 720P to 8K. It runs films smoothly without pauses or stuttering, providing excellent sound and visual clarity on your high-end screen without blurring.

Movies you upload will be placed in a collection where you may choose to watch them sequentially, in a cycle, or one at a time. It also remembers the songs you've added to the playlists and where you left off listening.

You may divide the playing screen, the control panel, and the queue into three distinct areas and work with them independently using the Separate Mode.

Cisdem Video Player's freeware version doesn't have the Pro edition's ability to convert files for use on specific platforms. Cisdem Video Player allows streaming videos and music without requiring additional codecs or plugins.


For a list of prices, click here.

FAQs for Cisdem

What is the discount on Cisdem?

Savings of 75% or more are possible.

How can I use my Cisdem coupon code?

Select the button, then enter the code in the box to get your discount.

What kinds of sales can you anticipate when you purchase online?

Discounts are available for all plans.

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