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About cFosSpeed 

cFosSpeed is software that limits the amount of data downloaded or uploaded once per program. It prevents any one program from using up the remaining bandwidth and so prevents other programs from connecting to the Internet.

Lower Internet gaming ping if you employ network filtering by limiting the network bandwidth of other programs.

Those who tether a 3G or 4G LTE cellular link and prefer to limit their bandwidth use to avoid exhausting their data plan too rapidly may also benefit from this program.

Furthermore, the program may set up a simulated wifi network so that several computers can share a single wireless connection.


  • Apps may now define their own downstream and upstream limitations without user intervention.
  • Reduce the frequency with which audio and video have to restart due to buffering issues.
  • Priority treatment for through-the-network LAN data
  • Intentionally created to keep all out-of-band data packets, which enhances ad hoc VPN interoperability.
  • In-Depth Analysis of Networks Special Cases
  • Consistency with the NDIS header/data separation
  • The Traffic Management route has undergone further speed enhancements.
  • Join a wifi network, and decide if you want to modify your traffic after you're hooked up.
  • Shaping the traffic may help alleviate slowdowns caused by apps or users taking up too much bandwidth.
  • It's vital to favor programs that use very little bandwidth.
  • VoIP software, video games, music streaming services, and file-sharing platforms are just a few examples of the many different kinds of programs.
  • The UDPv6 pingers have been added recently. It should further stabilize cFosSpeed's bounces.
  • The updated main menu includes all dialogue windows.
  • Improved throughput because response time in RWIN enlargement decreases.
  • Raise the ping in games as a means of regulating data transfer rates.
  • cFosSpeed may now use all available Internet connections for Traffic Shaping if multiple paths to the Internet are available at once. Having a load-balancing arrangement, where both a LAN and a portable adapter are active at once, will benefit significantly from this.

FAQs for cFosSpeed 

What new choices do you have at your disposal?

Currently, vouchers may be used to pay for almost all services.

How much will cFosSpeed cost with the discount code?

Reducing costs by at least 5%.

How can I use my cFosSpeed voucher?

Choose this and enter the code into the "Coupon Code" box at checkout to get the special offer.

To what end does cFosSpeed serve?

A famous piece of traffic tailoring application for Windows, cFosSpeed is often included with MSI CPUs.

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