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About Bitwig

Berlin-based startup Bitwig was established in 2009 to create a digital-audio workstation (DAW) that would be both feature-rich and easy to use. With this goal in mind, Bitwig Studio, the company's debut item, was released in 2014.

Bitwig Studio is the sound software of preference for artists, audio engineers, filmmakers, cinema composers, and other creative professionals. Our goal is to provide a gorgeous DAW that pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Furthermore, it was the impetus for creating The Grid's award-winning sound editing platform. Bitwig Studio has progressed, and the firm has expanded, but the method remains the same.

The Berlin offices of Bitwig are now home to Bitwig's whole staff of 30. We are from many nations and have varied educational and occupational backgrounds, and we all have the common bond of being musicians.

Perhaps this allows us to see the broad picture from different perspectives. A tool's value is ultimately determined by the person using it.


The Modulation of Paradise

Bitwig Studio's instrumentation engine lets you change any firmware variable through Macro commands, Note Phrases, LFOs, and Wrappers. Currently, over 30 different mediators are available, vastly expanding the scope of possible transcription.

Integration of Hardware

Bitwig Studio stands out because of its comprehensive hardware connectivity. This includes MIDI processing, pitch sequencing, and delay adjustment. Some other distinctive capabilities include MIDI Clock Synchronization and Ableton LINK. However, the device connection toolset is where Bitwig Studio genuinely shines.

Log In To The Grid

An audio designer's ideal platform is The Grid. It might be any synthesizer or audio impact you can think of. That's because a sound engineering ecosystem is available for all of you to construct your unique modules from the beginning.

Polymer Grids, FX Array, and Notes Grid are all powered by The Grid, a flexible sound-design framework in Bitwig Studio.

You'll be able to make high-quality, one-of-a-kind sounds immediately because of the extensive collection of components and the lightning-fast process. You may begin repairing as soon as you add a Grid gadget to your application.

Build a fully-functional polyphonic synthesizer in a single sitting. Construct your zany musical sequencing. Make a sound effect that changes based on the environment.

Easy patching lets you express yourself freely. Try out several generating quadcopter setups until you discover one that works for your performance. Or make something that doesn't exist.

Regarding operational efficiency, it's also essential to quickly locate specific pieces of information. To this end, The Grid equips each component with a dynamic explanation screen that details the function of each component's parameters and lets you keep adjusting them.

When a unit is selected, the Inspector Panel shows both inbound and outbound information. Whenever you require specifics, you can quickly access them.

The Resampling Sampler

The Sampler is just a generation mechanism producer and player in Bitwig Studio. It has a variety of playing settings, fluid note-based syncopations, and more.

Streaming and editing sound has never been easier than with the Bitwig Studio Samples. It has a variety of playing styles, sophisticated repeating capabilities, crossfades, limitless modulating opportunities, and so much more.

Drag an audio track from the downloads folder or navigation window to start playing it. When using Sampler, you may use the pop-up window to go through the collection for settings or to switch samples while they're playing quickly.

Based on the circumstances, the multisample designer in Sampler may display your regions in various methods. The possible audio permutations are almost unlimited, with the ability to combine several samples and adjust certain variables across sectors.


  • An excellent method for modulating
  • Simplicity in automating
  • Easily reconfigured
  • Sequencers in pairs


  • A lot of VSTs and the user interface freeze up.
  • Poor multi-track capability. Unsuitable for use in a professional setting.


Bitwig Studio 16-Track can be purchased for $99, whilst Bitwig Studio can be purchased for $399.


With Bitwig Studio, you have access to an unrivaled sonic sandbox, perfect for anybody with even a passing objective of creating their noises or modifying those of others.

The brilliance of this revision lies in the paradox that it is both intuitive and very sophisticated. The Grid combines the power of flexible creation with your computer monitor in a manner that is accessible to newcomers yet challenging to veterans of the CV world.

FAQs for Bitwig

How do I utilize Bitwig coupons?

When you click the discount button, copy and paste the coupon code.

What sorts of online discounts are available?

There are sales for all products and services.

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