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About BigMIND

Cloud backup provider Zoolz is offering a new product called BigMIND, which is the business's next-generation cloud backup service.

BigMIND is based in London, England, that's been in the cloud business for a considerable period, as seen by our evaluation of the firm. If you're looking for a high-quality online cloud service, this is worth considering.

BigMIND from Zoolz is a cloud hosting service for enterprises that includes AI technologies that may help you organize your material.

To simplify managing your company's cloud recoveries a little simpler, Zoolz BigMIND is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What's the purpose?

For both private and professional usage, BigMIND is a terrific choice. If you're looking for a decent online cloud option but don't need limitless capacity, this service is for you!

Important Characteristics

Take a copy of your files in case anything

BigMIND's desktops program works on PC and Mac OS X. You may save all of your information on the internet using the application.

Set this up once and leave it to do its job in the meantime, publishing whatever you've specified to the BigMIND server at a steady rate.

In the example above, planning all of the recoveries is feasible. You have the option of selecting "Run every X times" or "Run at particular intervals" if you like.

Mobile Applications

Apps for Android and iPhone are available from BigMIND. The application lets you access your smartphone and backup files from other PCs.

You can save your calendars, contacts, photos, and videos elsewhere. You can organize offline files if you don't have the internet. The software can view and open photos, videos, audio, and files.

Restoration of lost data

It's fairly easy to restore a file that was mistakenly deleted from your computer. To restore your data, go to the computer version and choose "Restore." Select the directories you want to restore, and all of your deleted files will be restored right away.

The garbage bin is automatically emptied when you remove files from the computer. BigMIND would also keep a copy of your files in its archives.

Whenever the amount of copies of a particular file exceeds ten, the older copies are purged in favor of the most recent stuff.

Privacy and security

In order to keep our information, BigMIND utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS). 256-bit AES SSL encryption and 256-bit AES encryption at rest are used to secure all of the data in transport and at resting on several servers simultaneously.

For further protection, they provide a full-fledged Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). An additional confirmation phone ring is necessary when signing in with MFA activated.

Online Assistance

A comprehensive FAQ section addresses many of the concerns you may have about BigMIND and they've done an excellent job with that as well.

For any sales-related inquiries, feel free to call one of the two lines listed below. If you need marketing or technological help, you may also use their live chat.

Other options are also available

The behaviors of artificial intelligence

Looks & Objects are two of BigMIND's most sophisticated systems. The Faces function detects faces in images instantly. In order to find specific photographs, you may look for persons in the pictures.

There's a similar feature called "things" that operates in the same manner.

Users and data

Most online cloud services do not include information like alarms, internet use, activity streams, or gadget statistics like those seen on the reports page.

You may view all the enrolled people and gadgets by clicking on the customer's page. Using this option, you may archive a machine, which halts the backup copy of that machine but keeps all of its contents.


  • The coolest statistics visualization tools are available.
  • With sophisticated searching, it's simple to discover the files you need.


  • Extremely pricey


BigMind's cheapest subscription starts from $15/month, while its premium plan starts from $37.5/month.


When comparing BigMIND to Zoolz cloud backup, there is no doubt that BigMIND has made significant advancements. The lightning-fast upload and download speeds are definitely a plus for us. A considerable deal of thought has gone into the inclusion of extra functionality, safety, and regulatory conformity.

FAQs for BigMIND

How much would you save with BigMIND?

There is a 25% discount on every package.

How do you use a BigMIND coupon to save money?

When you buy a plan, enter your coupon code. Your browser gets a link to the official site right away.

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