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About Awario

Awario is a cloud-based social media analytics solution that assists companies of all kinds to manage their brands and product presence online.

Customer participation, impact grading, influencer tracking, sentiment analysis, and other functionalities.

Awario assists company owners in developing relationships with influencers and their target audiences to increase brand recognition. 

The customer intelligence section of the system provides features such as continuous monitoring, reputation management, and impact scoring.

Exporting raw data and improving social listening are aided by white-label reporting solutions.


Continuous monitoring is carried out.

Awario monitors every area of the Internet in real-time for mentions of your keywords, guaranteeing that you are the first to hear about discussions that might affect your company – and that you can respond quickly before anybody else.

Analytical power

Keep track of the number of times you've been mentioned and the total number of times you've been mentioned.

With sentiment analysis, reach out and sort mentions by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment.

With Awario's statistics, you may find top influencers by the social network, compare several notifications, and track your progress.

Social selling

Social selling is a term used to describe the act of selling

Awario Leads a lead generating and social selling function on Awario. It gathers posts in which users want a recommendation for a product comparable to yours and posts in which users criticize your rivals.

Search using Boolean operators

Make your search queries as broad as you want them to be to receive the most relevant results. Boolean search is a kind of manual search that employs Boolean logic.

It's pretty useful if you're receiving many irrelevant results from a basic search.

Organize your workstation with handy folders

Awario will collect shares and retweets beneath the original article and classify various mentions to keep your social media routine uncomplicated.

Prioritize important talks

Awario's Reach shows you how many people are participating in and exposed to every topic in real-time.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Keep track of unrelated brand references on multiple websites.
  • On social media, keep track of labelled and untagged brand mentions.
  • Leads may be found using seed keywords and other information.


  • I would have been hooked sooner if the onboarding process had been better.
  • It would be simpler to tailor this for particular use cases if there was more continuous training and assistance, possibly via a certification process.
  • More hand-holding would make sophisticated capabilities simpler to use.

Pricing of Awario

Awario's yearly membership will cost you $24 per month, while the Pro version will cost you $74. On the other hand, Enterprise will set you back $249 a month.

Otherwise, the monthly fee begins at $39 per month, goes up to $119 per month for the Pro version, and $399 per month for the Enterprise version.

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The Final Word

If you're going to interact with prospective consumers, it's a good idea to go with Awario. Awario is more versatile, which means you may have an infinite amount of keywords in a single alert, as well as unlimited historical data and a Boolean search option for every user.

FAQs for Awario

⭐️ How many active promotions are there for Awario plans?

The discounts are available for all products.

⭐️ How to activate the Awario coupon code?

We have listed all plans; click on the deal/discount button. The discount is applicable for the annual license only.

⭐️ On Awario, what does "reach" mean?

Awario's Reach shows you several times people are participating in and exposed to every topic in real-time. Sort by Reach to view the most meaningful conversations first and optimize your marketing efforts to reach larger audiences quicker.

⭐️ What is the purpose of Awario?

Awario is a social listening platform that allows businesses access to data that matters to them, such as customer, market, and competitor insights. Awario began as a side project that grew out of SEO PowerSuite, another product from the same firm.

⭐️ What is the duration of Awario's free trial?

Sign up for Awario to make sure you don't miss a mention of your company. No credit card for the 14-day trial.

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